Porikonda Waterfall – Moulovi Bazar

It would be very known to you the name Porikonda waterfall. I can clear you, It might you have heard about Madhobkonda waterfall of Moulovibazar. Sure, It might many of us have already visited there. But we have deprived of visiting beautiful Porikonda waterfall for our for our unknown.

There is wonderfull waterfall which is hided in deep forest near Madhobkonda. It would take 10 to 12 minuet to walk from Madhobkonda to Porikonda waterfall.

Water is falling from 150 feet high to the below with fascinating sound. Spray from falling water flying upper and creating gentle fog. It is surrounded by lots of trees. It is like the ocean of green. Chirping of bird make awake the silent forest for ever since.

To see the awesome view of waterfall there is a natural seat like lots of stone. If you look at the waterfall seating on stone it would appear, you are in a dreamland. Many of them could not control without coming down the water of shower. Who does not like to get him wet and refresh the mind and body?

Though it is near to Madhobkonda but lots of people and visitor do not know about this. As is in deep forest, the local people and tourist have rarely visit this. Walking is the only one way to go to Porikonda from Madhobkonda.

It is a craggy way and there are lots of small water flow. There is nothing scared in the way but you should sincere when you are walking there. Sometimes you can slip by wet and slippery stone.

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Updated: July 30, 2017

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