Tourist Places in Madaripur

Madaripur city is located along the Arial Khan River. Once upon a time, the Caramugariya Upazila of Madaripur Sadar was known as the famous business center. The monkey is the specialty of Caramuguriya Upazila. They have been living here before the human settlement. Their lives and their society associated with people across the whole Caramuguriya. So you come here when you are free. Besides this, the most popular landmarks of Madaripur district are Shrine of Shah Madar, ALGIR Kazi Bari Mosque, Raja Ram Temple, Jhaudi Giri, Auliyapura Neelkuthi, Bajitpur Pranab Math, Khaliya Santikendra, Mountain and garden, Sakunileka etc.


Sokuni Lake – Madaripur

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Sokuni Lake is also known as Shakuni Dighi. Sokuni Lake is a spectacular place in the natural beauty of Madaripur district.

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