Madhabkunda Waterfall – MouloviBazar

One of the largest waterfall called Madobkonda waterfall is situated in the land of beauty Moulovibazar district at Upazilla Borolekha. There are different opinion about the naming of Madobkondo. Someone says, Madobkonda was the former name of Shiv, someone says, It comes from a saint who got the name heavenly. There is a shiv temple beside the waterfall.

Water is falling on the ground of stony hill. There are lot of spring whole the hill. The name of upper part of this spring is Gongamara and the lower part is Madhobchora.

On rushing water on the ground of stony hill through quickly and fall down by dividing. So, there create two stream. One is big and another is small. But in the rainy season two mix with each other. Water is falling and it is surrounded by lots of mountain.

There is sink below the water fall. Water is falling into the sinks incessantly. A stone cave has created in right side of sinks. There is an orange garden which was built by saint Bisnodash in 1342. It is still here now. You can visit its nearest place also.

There are lot of beautiful tourist attraction besides Madhobkonda. If government would take necessary steps to improve the transportation and infrastructure, Hope, There will be crowded of tourist all-round the year.

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Updated: July 30, 2017

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