Tourist Places in Munshiganj

Munshiganj district was the capital of the kings of Chandra, Varman and Sena in the period of Christian antiquity, as well as from the beginning of the tenth century to the beginning of the thirteenth century. As a result there are a lot of historical installation has been built here. Munshiganj district is the birthplace of Jagadish Chandra Bosu and Atish Dipankar, Raja Srinath Home etc. Moreover, Baba Adam’s Mosque at Rampal, Hasarara mausoleum, Sonarang twin temple, Char Padma, Idrakpur castle, King Ballal Sen and Harish Chandra lakes, Syamasiddhira Monastery, Sulapurera church, Meghna village along with various tourist attractions make the Munshiganj district more attractive.

Maowa Ferry Ghat Tourist Place in Munshiganj

Maowa Ferry Ghat – Munshiganj

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The Padma river is far from Dhaka often 36 kilometres.The Maowa Ghat is famous for Elisha fish and sweet. The first chosen of Dhaka folks navigate to eat the Elisha fish in the Maowa Ghat.

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