Tuk A / Lamonai Jharna / Damtua waterfall – Bandarban

At the same time, the stream of water is falling from two  sides with a roar, such a spring like this probably does not exist in Bangladesh. There are many fountains in Bandarban area, Tuk a new addition among them.

The name of the fountain is usually after the name of Jhiri. The name of the spring in which the waterfall is located is frog jhiri. Since it is located in the Murang area, in their language the frog is called “Tuk” and Jhiri is called “A”. Damtua means frogs or fish cannot climb over its walls because of its steep shape. And waggaparag means water falling from hills / high places. So, in a word, they say Tuk a Damtua Waggaparag and some other names in their language.

However, most of us call it Jharna, Jharna (because of the mother tongue) . So we can say “Tuk a” fountain in their name. It is called “Lamonai Jorna ” (lamo = moon and no = light) in the local Murong language because of the moonlight in the open space with the water falling from two directions. Anyway, Tuk A / Lamonai Jharna / Damtua Jharna are all the names of eight fountains.

How to get to Tuk A / Lamonai Jharna:

Dhaka via Chakaria – Alikadam – Panbazar 17 kilometers you have to go. Or you have to go 17 km from Bandarban to Thanchi. 17 km is the hill station of Alikadam and Thanchi. Location of Adu Para next to 17 km. From Adu Para to Pamiya Member Para – Tamatai Para – Namsak Para – Kakhai Para you have to go to Jharna. It will take about 6 hours to reach the fountain from Adu Para. There are also some fountains around it so you can see it in a good way if you take the time to stay for two nights. However, if it rains, you will see more water falling from two directions.

Caution: Everyone has the same right to visit their own country, but before leaving, decide the number of members considering the adverse effects on nature. Make sure that the environment of the place you are going to has no adverse effect on the culture. And by you and your partner so that there is no harm to the environment.

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Updated: June 18, 2023

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