Toiduchhara Waterfall (Jharna) – Khagrachhari

Although the name of this waterfall is common as Toiduchhara Jhorna / Waterfall, the word fountain is not used here. Because, in the language of the locals, taidu means water door or window. And chhara means fountain. That is why the local Tripura tribals have named this spring ‘Taiduchhara’. From that the name of the waterfall is Taiduchhara and the name of the area is Taidupara.

Toiduchhara Jharna is located 12 km away from Jamtali Pomangpara of Dighinala Upazila, 20 km away from Khagrachari district town.

It takes about four hours to reach Taiduchhara from Dighinala in total to see the largest waterfall and one of the waterfalls in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Tiduchhara. However, it depends on the walking speed. So if you leave in the morning, you can easily come back before evening. This way of coming and going is not boring at all.

The intoxication of its natural beauty will consume you more than the fatigue of walking. It can be said with closed eyes that you will be addicted.

Not only from Dighinala to Taiduchhara, after entering Khagrachari, only surprises will be waiting for you. Whichever way you look, only green mountains, blue skies and clouds like white fog will fascinate you. Hill after hill, sometimes small houses. You may have never seen such a solitary and pure nature before. I just wonder why the nature of Bengal is so beautiful?

The blended combination of sky and mountains will amaze you and travel time will pass in a matter of moments. The inaccessible path from Chappapara or Pomangpara, many jhiripath, high and low hills, somewhere equal to the knees and somewhere equal to the chest-level water and wild jungle trek finally after about three hours walk you will reach the 1st waterfall.

It is about 60 feet high. The water from the spring falls on the hill and comes down the hill and joins a small lake. That scene is awesome.

If you climb the slope of the hill on the right side of the first waterfall, you will get the second waterfall very close. Here you have to climb about 100 feet like a monkey with a slope of about 80-85 degree angle. When you go up, you will first see the mouth of the fountain from where the water of the 1st fountain is falling. Water is coming here from the 2nd spring on the way to Jhiripath.

After walking for about an hour along the Jhiri path, you can reach the 2nd waterfall. This walking path is as exciting and beautiful as it is difficult. Water is coming down from above with great speed. Pushing this speed is to walk along the water. On the right side, where the water flow is low, algae has accumulated. The foot slips a little. Sometimes the efflux of water here is so much that it wants to push you down. So you have to walk very carefully by pressing your feet here. Once slipped, it has to be thrown hundreds of hands away. You have to climb higher from here. On the way you have to cross over through big stones and water level is equal to the waist. Then you will get the second Taidu spring.

It is a wonderful and eye-catching fountain. It is so beautiful and exceptional that no one will be in a hurry. The mind will want to jump into the fountain. The fountain is about 80 feet high. There are many rocky steps like stairs where the water of the fountain comes and falls directly. Water is flowing down the steps. Standing on the steps, the bathing work can be done easily. The pain of a long tiring walk will be washed away in a moment by the water of the fountain. The cool breeze of the fountain water will make you forget for a moment how far you have to walk to get back.

There is water all year round. Water flow decreases in winter. And during the rainy season it became full of youth. But before winter and at the end of the monsoon, it is a good decision to visit here. There is only greenery around the fountain.

Zoom farming goes on in the neighboring hills. In the middle of the greenery of the mountains, the field of zoom crops seems to have added a different greenery. It will feel like a green scratch in the middle of the green.

Not only this, with the help of indigenous people you can do wonders. If you are deprived of getting to know and interact with the tribals and observing the scenery of the journey, your Taiduchhara trip will remain incomplete.

Waterfalls, Jhiri, mountain life, the union of the sky and the mountains, the stone Shiva idols of the Shivchhari hills, the stone elephants and the stone snakes will all fill your eyes with contentment, you will pick up the belch of receipt.

How to go to Toiduchhara

Brief : Dhaka> Khagrachhari> Jamtali Bazar> Toiduchhara Jharna

Khagrachari by bus from Dhaka. Some transports leave daily for Khagrachari.

You have to go to Jamtali Bazar by jeep to see Taiduchhara spring. There is no network of all SIMs except Robi and Teletalk. So if you go here or Sajek, take Robi, Teletalk SIM. Masterbari by renting an easy bike from Jamtali Bazar for 10 taka.

If you go for the first time, you must take a reliable local guide. Then it will not be difficult to find an easy way and also no risk of getting lost..

Toiduchhara Travel Tips:

  • The water in front of Taiduchhara-1 fountain is very deep and the rocks on the side are also very slippery. So those who do not know how to swim must not go into the water.
  • Wear good gripper sandals, but you will have to cross the muddy place with bare feet, otherwise the mud will pull the sandals. Also, take thick, hard rope which will be very useful.
  • Do not take heavy bags. Also take enough dry food / dates.
  • Take salt / gul for leech.
  • Take polythene / plastic rain cover for camera / mobile.
  • There are lots of mosquitoes in these places. Use Odom’s cream, take antimalarial drugs regularly.

This trail is quite difficult during the rainy season. So I would say it is better not to take with the weak, old, children.

Where will you stay?

There are various quality hotels including tourist motels in Khagrachari .But Dighinala has a good arrangement for staying in one . That is Dighinala Rest House.

If you have more information or any correction in this information please comment here.

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