Tinap Saitar or Paindu Saitar – Bandarban

Tinap Saitar or Paindu Saitar (Tinap Saitar / Paindu Saitar) is the name of the largest waterfall in Bangladesh located in Paindu Union, Ruma Upazila, Bandarban District. As Tinap Saitar or Paindu Saitar is a very remote area, it is not yet well known to tourists. However, after accepting hundreds of hardships and sacrifices, everyone who went to see this fountain was fascinated by its enchanting beauty.

The features of this fountain are a bit different from other naturally occurring tourist spots. The clear water of this fountain is hot and cold in all seasons. The waterfall falls into the Paindu canal from about one hundred and fifty feet along the winding path from one hill to another. The water of this spring is always clear in the Paindu canal. This view will captivate any tourist. And here in the morning sunlight rainbow can be seen.

However, considering the social security and ecological balance in the area, there is still a difference of opinion among the locals as to whether Tinap Saitar should be presented as a tourist destination to the travel thirsty people of the country.

How to go:

dhaka> Bandarban> Ruma Bazar> Arthahapara> Munnampara> Paindu Khal> Tinap Saitar


Dhaka> Bandarban> Rangachari> Ronin Para> Devchhara Para> Paindu Khal> Tinap Saitar

From Ruma Sadar, there are two ways to go easily by moon car. The moon car takes 45 minutes to an hour. It will take about 40 minutes to walk down to Artha Para. Once you reach there, you will forget about all the hardships – effortlessly. Hilly roads, cars are not always available. For this you have to fix the moon car in advance.

From Ruma Sadar, take the moon car directly to Munnuam Para. As soon as you walk across the canal, you will reach ‘Atlai Tili’. It has to be crossed by a wild banana tree or bamboo raft. At this time you will see different species of fish including big shrimp in the clear water. It will look more like a fish running on a raft. Within 20 minutes walk from Vela you will reach ‘Roaldangpa Saitar’ or Jharna.

Its height is about one hundred and one hundred and fifty feet. Looking up and down, the chest cape rises a bit, but there is nothing to fear. You can easily get down through this hilly path. It is better to have silver or fuji shoes on the feet. The beauty of ‘Roaldangpa Saitar’ can be seen from above as well as from below.

A short walk from here you will reach ‘Ngathlau Tili’ Kum. There were many big fish in this kum before. The fish in the fountain were so big and oily that people could almost hold their heads while playing. Due to these, it is named as ‘Ngathlau Tili’ or Ngathlau Kum. Then in 10 minutes you will see ‘Tinap Saitar’.

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Updated: June 19, 2023

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