The Rupsa River – Khulna

The Rupsa River, which winds through the heart of Khulna, is a popular destination for city residents looking to relax in nature or channel their creative energies. Numerous visitors of all ages frequent this location frequently. The crowds grew larger as the day went on.

The night has more allure. The entire area, from the dhoor to the Rupsa river and bridge, was clearly crafted by an experienced artist. This canvas was created under the watchful gaze of the stars and the bright sodium glare of a bridge.

The Rupsa River, a major waterway in Bangladesh, passes through the city of Khulna on its way to the Pashur River and the Mongla Channel, where it ultimately empties into the Bay of Bengal. Both sides of the Rupsa River are blessed with stunning scenery.

Many different types of people bring their families here first thing in the morning, skipping the rat race. There’s a half-kilometer-long bridge on the banks of the Rupsa River, and he’s smiling and cheering on its length. The meeting appears to have taken place if people are seen walking across the bridge from both sides.

This bridge officially goes by the name Khanjahan Ali Bridge, but the locals refer to it as Rupsa Bridge. Because the Rupsa River flows beneath the bridge.

The city of Khulna is located 4.80 kilometers from the Rupsa Bridge. The city of Khulna’s main entrance is right here at this bridge. Because of this bridge, it is now possible to drive between Khulna and the southern districts, including Mongla Port in particular. Non-motorized and foot traffic have their own lanes on the bridge.

The Rupsa River and Bridge can be found in the city of Khulna. Rupsa Bridge is located 13.9 kilometers from the center of Khulna. Khulna native Rupsa

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Updated: June 26, 2023

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