The King of Hill – Sherpur

The king of the hill is nearly 300 feet high and a large flat land which is called king of the mountains. There was a home of king in ancient times.Thats why it was called the king of the hill.Others think that,It was called the king of the hill because of its increasing size and height. The king’s tomb and monument is located to the top of the mountain.There was a man named Pagla inspector who lived in the mountain. He died in 1980. This is different from other the surrounding mountains. The top half of the hill is meadow as like as soft grass carpet.There are lot species of birds are living in the hill.

There are numerous small elevation can be seen from the climax of the hill. Dheupha river flows by the side of mountain. There are numerous water fall at the bottom of the hill.

Location: Sreebordi, Sherpur.

How to go:

The king of hill is located near Karnojoora bazar which is 30 km away from Sherpur sadr. Everyone can come to the king of hill by bus,microbus,three-wheeler or any other transport from district sadr.

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Updated: February 10, 2017

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