Tamabil – Shylet

If you even see a brief list of tourist place in Shylet, you will get the name of Tamabil. Ever green hills and crystal water of lake can give you a fantastic touch of nature. Really it is amazing!!
The land port Tamabil is situated at Goainghat Upazila in Shylet. On road it is about 56 km from Shylet city. It is known also as jaflong zero point.
As it is a border area so it is easy to see the indian hills, waterfall and shower. There are lots of waterfall beyond the border. Those are very fantastic to see in twilight. People crowded to see this pretty scene in Tamabil border. Beyonds the tamabil there is Megaloy state of India.

Hotel in Shylet (Tamabil):

There is a hotel on Amber khan mor on Majar road in Shylet city. For two bed room means 4 room you have to pay 700 tk. There is restaurant for buying food. Here the taste of grill chicken is not bad. Moreover, there are many restaurant in Zindabazar to eat. This kinds of restaurant and food are cheapest and taste also.

How will you go Tamabil?

You can go to Shylet by bus and train. But train journey is very comfortable. You can go to Comlapur railway station in Dhaka and book a room. It would be comfortable. If you willing to bus journey, you can go Shylet by Green land Or Shohag poribohon.

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Updated: July 19, 2017

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