Tagore Lodge – Kushtia

In honour of Rabindranath Tagore, the “Tagore Lodge” still stands as a sign of the times. Even though everyone knows about the poet’s memorial, “Kuthibari,” many people still don’t know about his memorial, “Tagore Lodge.” The building called “Tagore Lodge” is on Kabi Azizur Rahman Road in Milpara, which is part of the city of Kushtia. Even though it has taken 14 years to fix up the building, there is a plan to turn it into a “Rabindra Museum.” No one is interested in the red, two-story building anymore. After the building was freed from hand-wringing and encroachment, the Kushtia Municipal Authority took the initiative to set up a museum.

After taking charge of Zamindari in 1892, Rabindranath Tagore went to Shilaidah. Tagore and Company was probably set up around that time in Milpara, next to Kabi Azizur Rahman Road in Kushtia town, to take care of Thakur Estate’s zamindari. And “Tegor Lodge” was where Tegor & Co. did business. Tegor Lodge opened as the office of Tegor & Co. in 1895. At that time, its main office was in Kolkata. Balendranath and Surendranath, the poet’s brothers, were the most important people in this business. Later, Rabindranath joined this business, and at one point he took over most of the business’s duties. During that time, the business grew a lot. The main things people sold were jute, lentils, kalai, etc. Along with his husk business, Rabindranath also opened a factory to crush sugarcane.

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Updated: June 24, 2023

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