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Sonargaon Folk Art Museum is located in Sonargaon upazila of Narayanganj district, its 25 km from from capital city Dhaka. and about 1 km from Dhaka-Chittagong highway. The Folk and Crafts Museum is located in the area of Bangladesh Folk and Craft Foundation in Sonargaon.

In an effort to develop the folk cultural tradition of the village of Bangladesh, on March 12,  the Bangladesh Folk and Crafts Foundation was founded by an industrial house in the historic Panam town of Sonargaon.

Later at 1981,  Artist Zainul Abedin sought to build the museum in open environment. He wanted to introduce the artistic activities of the common people of rural metaphysical Bangladesh to the nature and environment of Bengal.

And then Bangladesh Folk and Crafts (লোক ও কারুশিল্প জাদুঘর) Foundation complex was relocated to Sardar’s house which is about 100 years old.

Here, the handicrafts of illiterate and illiterate artists of the neglected villages of Bangladesh have been found here. In these materials, an outline of the traditional folk art of ancient Bengal burst forth.

Sarda’s house has 10 galleries. Galleries include wood engraving, crafts, pottery and masks, indigenous life-saving patterns, rural folk life environment, folk musical and terracotta patterns, copper-copper-brass patterns, iron-made patterns, folk ornaments.

Just a little east of the building is the Zainul Abedin Memorial Museum, established in a modern building rich in folk architecture. There are only two galleries in this building.

One of these two galleries is made of wood, which is rich in antiquities and antiquities. Moreover, the overall process of making and selling the latest crafts from the natural, specialty wood and wood of Bangladesh has been infused with a very attractive model.

Outside these two buildings are the library, documentation center, seminar hall, canteen, karmancha, rural parks and various types of trees, beautiful lakes, boating reservoirs, beautiful fishing and pond boat boats.

Various areas of the country made up of various pockets, chauchalas and tribals in Karupalli are made of unknown, unidentified, financially neglected but skilled craftsmen of different parts of the country. And has a sales center.

In addition, the folk art fair is organized here every Boishak month (First month of bangla year). The traditional festivals of folk songs such as folk songs, jatrapalas, poets, etc. were also served in Emela. Folk folk artists and craftsmen came from remote areas of the fair. Various handmade items including clay, sola, bamboo, cane, cloth are sold at the fair.

Also in front of the museum there are fishing boats on the lake and boat tickets for the winter season. There is a canteen for visitors to eat.

The Entry fee of Sonargaon Folk Art Museum is Tk 20 per person. 

The Sonargaon Folk Art Museum is closed every Wednesday and Thursday.

How to go Sonargaon Folk Art Museum:

You have to get “Shodesh Poribohon” from Gulistan. Get down at Morgapara intersection, the rent is probably Tk 40. It may take 1 hours a day other than Friday if you have to take two and a half hours in your hand.You will see the auto stand down. Shares will go to the museum for rent for 1 Taka.

Besides, the museum can also be accessed through the streets of Chait Garments. Or take the bus from Gulistan to Chittagong Road by bus. From there you can go to CNG, a maximum rent of Tk 120. You can go on the bus again. On the bus, you have to get down to Panam Nagar bus stand. From there there is the Sonarga Museum in Rickshaw.

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