Sokuni Lake – Madaripur

Sokuni Lake is also known as Shakuni Dighi (শকুনী দীঘি – মাদারীপুর ). Sokuni Lake is a spectacular place in the natural beauty of Madaripur district. It is located at the heart of Madaripur city.

Sokuni Lake enhances the natural beauty of the Madaripur city. There are plenty of fish in the sweet water of the dighi. There is an old court building adjacent to the Dighi, which is now the Bangabandhu Law College, Children’s Academy, Tennis Club, Freedom Course, Police Superintendent’s Office, Shaheed Minar, Circuit House, Freedom Fighter Auditorium, Art Academy and many other institutions which are adorning the city’s beauty.

With a fishing net, this huge lake has been divided into two parts, in which a portion of fish is cultivated. Currently, the lake has become a recreation center. In the afternoon, the lake is so crowded that it becomes difficult to find any vacant place. Most people in the city come here to spend leisure time with family and friends. There are delicious sweets found around the lake. Madaripur district has a reputation for these sweets.

How to go:

Distance from Dhaka to Madaripur road is 191 km and it will take about five hours to reach this district. The bus leaves Madaripur 24 hours a day.

To reach Madaripur, you must reach Mawa Ghat first. From Dhaka to Mawa Ghat, BRTC, Shipping, Hilsa, Gunungun, Ajmeri transport.

The BRTC bus terminal is located in Gulistan and the fare will be charged 70 tak at this bus. Uttara and Rampura leave the Prochecta to transport and the bus fare is 100 taka. Fom Jatrabari 80 taka for the rent of Maa left for Maisal, Gunung, Ajmeri transport.

From Mawa Ghat you will have to reach Kawarakandi or Midkhand ferry Ghat by ferry, speedboat, trailer or launch. From here you can reach Madaripur by local bus or taxi.

From Madaripur city you can reach this lake by rickshaw or any motorized vehicle.

Where to stay in Madaripur:

Hotel management is very good for staying in Madaripur. Here you can stay in different quality hotels. Notable for staying at hotels and guesthouses:

1. Zilla Parishad Dak Bungalow, Phone: 0661 – 62063
2. Palash Hotel, Phone: 01716 145518
3. Beach Hotel, Phone: 0661-61505, 01914467258

If you have more information or any correction in this information please comment here.

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