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The Shuvalong Jhorna at Subalang in Rangamati is already well known to tourists. The clear waters of these fountains make the hearts of the tourists tremble with a different feeling. There are 8 big and small fountains in Barkal upazila. During the monsoon season, the mainstream cascades down from a height of about 300 feet and captivates the tourists with its melodious melody. Is it possible to draw a picture in the imagination if you do not see this amazing scene? At present some facilities have been constructed by the upazila administration in this area. The distance from Rangamati Sadar to Subalang is only 25 kilometers.

How to get to Rangamati:

There are many transports from Dhaka to Rangamati such as: Sohag, Saudia, Shyamoli, Hanif, Eagle etc. You can depart from Kalyanpur, Kalabagan or Saidabad. Rent Non AC 600-650 taka, AC 800-1000 taka. If you leave at night (10-11 pm) you will reach Rangamati very early in the morning (6-7 am).

Where will you stay?

It’s time to get off the bus and stay. There are several hotels in the old bus stand and reserve market area in Rangamati. But before you go to the hotel, if you consider a little, such as whether the hotel is next to Kaptai Lake? Then you can enjoy the beautiful environment and air of the lake from the hotel. There are many government and private hotels and guest houses in Rangamati for staying. Moreover, some more boarding is available to stay. The cost of boarding is a bit low but not very convenient to stay. Below are the descriptions of some of the hotels:


(1) Tourism Holiday Complex:

There are 12 air-conditioned rooms. Rent for each: 1725

Taka. There are 7 non air-conditioned rooms Rent for each: 805 Taka

Contact / Phone: 0351-63126 (Office)

(2) Hotel Sufia:

There are 27 air-conditioned rooms. Rent of each: 900 taka (single), 1250 (dual)

There are 35 non air-conditioned rooms

with rent of Tk. 600 each

Contact / Phone: 0351-62145, 61174, 01553409149

(3) Hotel Green Castle:

There are 7 air-conditioned rooms. Rent of each: From 1150 to 1600 Taka

There are 16 non air-conditioned rooms. Rent of each: From 750 to 1500 Taka

Contact / Phone: 0351-71214, 61200, 01726-511532, 01815-4591

How to go to Shuvlong Jharna?

If you want to go to Shuvlong Jharna from Rangamati city, you have to go by boat. The best way is to reserve an engine driven trawler. Trawlers can be reserved from Rangamati reserve market area or from tourist areas. The rent varies according to the size. However, the rent is usually between 1200-3000 taka. It will take about an hour and a half to reach Shuvolong from the main city. Shuvolong is to be reached over Kaptai Lake. Kaptai Lake is the largest artificial lake in South Asia.

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Updated: June 16, 2023

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