Shrine of Hazrat Shahrasti – Chandpur

Mazar-i-Sharif of Hazrat Shahrasti (RA) is located in Sreepur village under Shahrasti upazila of Chandpur district. As far as is known, this great preacher of Islam, Rasti Shah, was born in Baghdad, Iraq. He was a descendant of Hazrat Boro Pir Abdul Quader Jilani (RA). His father was the nephew of Mr. Barapir (RA). According to a board kept at the shrine, he was born in 1238 AD and arrived in the country in 1351 AD. He died in 1388 after witnessing many miracles to the locals.

He was one of the 12 Auliyas who came to this country with Hazrat Shahjalal. When he came to this country, Feroz Shah was the Sultan of Delhi and Fakhruddin Mubarak Shah was the Subedar of Bengal. Syed Ahmed Tanvi was one of the companions of Rasti Shah.

He first came to Yemen in 738 BS to spread the religion. After receiving a dream order from Yemen, he came to this country to spread Islam. Many call him of Yemeni descent because he came to this country from Yemen. One of his companions when he came to this country was his younger brother Shah Mahbub.

Hazrat Rasti Shah was ungrateful. His younger brother Shah Mahbub got married at Chowdhury’s house in Ashrafpur village. Ashrafpur is presently located in Kachua upazila. There is also a very ancient three-domed mosque. Three hundred and fifty years after the death of Rasti Shah, Kazi Golam Rasul built a three-domed mosque on the orders of Pari Bibi, daughter of Subedar Shaista Khan.

There is a lot of talk about the digging of the lake to the north of the shrine. According to the information received from the people of Sreepur Miyabari, who claim to be the descendants of Rasti Shah, at one time when a large number of people came to become disciples of Rasti Shah, there was a severe water crisis in the area. To solve this water problem, Mr. Rasti felt the need to dig a dighi and overnight jinn started digging the dighi on a 26 acre property. The jinn will leave at dawn. The north bank of the lake is still unfinished. At that time the melody of Fajr prayers was heard. One by one, Jeanne left. The north bank was no longer paved. It is still in that condition.

But the words are floating like legend in this area about digging this dighi. Maybe there will be a storm of controversy over the statement. We have included the statement about digging the dighi in the report only because of the course of events.

The statement that has been prevalent for a long time is: Rasti Shah (R) with Kali Devi tried to dig the dighi as a challenge to his spiritual pursuits. Did Kali Devi say that it would not be possible to dig such a big tank in one night. Due to this, Rasti Shah (RA) started digging this tank by bringing jinn as a spiritual pursuit. Kali was amazed at the progress of digging the dighi and doubted that Rasti Shah (RA) was going to succeed in the end. Immediately he disguised himself as a rooster. At that time only the north bank of the tank was left to be paved. In the guise of a rooster, he gestured for dawn, and the jinns returned without finishing the excavation, thinking it was dawn. Since then, the north bank has not been paved.

The British East India Company provided an annual grant of Tk. 210 for the maintenance of the shrine. In the middle, when Henry Medcoff was the DM (District Magistrate) of Comilla, a quarrel broke out with Hazrat Ghulam Raza, the successor of Hazrat Rasti Shah. Later, however, the problem was settled. Even today his descendants are getting annual allowance at the rate of TK.

How to get there:

Come to Chandpur district headquarters from any district of Bangladesh and go to Shahrasti upazila. From there you can go to Shahrasti Upazila Parishad by rickshaw or C&G.


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Updated: June 15, 2023

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