Shahporaner Majar – Sylhet

Majar (shrine) of Shah poran is glorious pilgrimage or spiritual establishment. It is grave of Shah poran who was one of the companion and follower of Islamic preacher Shah Jalal. Shah jalal came Sylhet from middle east in 1303.

It was situated in Khadim Nogar area in Sylhet city. From the Doragah(grave) of Shah jalal the grave of Shah poran is about 8km away. Shah poran was a successful Islamic preacher in Sylhet along with different places in India. He worked to spread Islamic faith and culture among the people.

Who is this man Shah poran? The Predecessor of Shah poran was the inhabitant of Bukhara. His fourth predecessor Shah Jamal Uddin firstly came Somorkanda and then Turkey to preach Islam. Father of Shah Poran was also a religious person. His mother was a sister of Shah Jalal as a relatively. As this he was a niece of Shah Jalal. He lost his father at early age. Then took religious education from his relative renowned saint Syed Ahmed Kobir.

When Shah Jalal was bound to Bangladesh Shah poran knew about this. He came to Shah Jalal for hoping companionship and met in Hindustan. After winning Sylhet he devoted himself to preach Islam by the order of Shah Jalal.

Shah Poran used to preach islam at Nobigonj, Hobigonj and various places in Sylhet. He spent his whole life here and preached islam among the people. After his death he was buried here. Now people visit his grave with due respect and considering holy place.

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Updated: July 21, 2017

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