Shaheed Mohammad Ruhul Amin Memorial Museum

Mohammad Ruhul Amin (Born: 1935 – Died: December 10, 1971) was a martyred freedom fighter who participated in the war of independence of Bangladesh. He was awarded the title of Bir Shreshtha for his outstanding heroism in battle. Father Mohammad Azhar Patwari was a well-to-do householder and mother Jolekha Khatun was a housewife.

He started his education at an early age through religious education at Maktab in the neighborhood and later at Baghchapara Primary School. After passing the school, he was admitted to Amisha Para High School. During this time his father’s financial well-being began to decline. This time Ruhul Amin has to think about livelihood. After graduating from high school, he joined the Navy in 1953 as a junior mechanical engineer and went for initial training at Manora Island, near Karachi. N. S. Karsaj-e (Naval Technical Education Institute). He successfully completed his vocational training in 1958 and was selected for the mechanic course in 1965. Upon successful completion of the course, he was appointed as an engine room artificer. In 1968, he p. N. S. He was transferred to Bakhtiyar Naval Base, Chittagong.

When the war of liberation started in 1971, he decided to leave his family and join the war of liberation. In April, he crossed the Tripura border and joined Sector 2. Until September he took part in many frontal battles. In September 1971, for the purpose of formation of the Bangladesh Navy, the basic structure of the Navy was formed by organizing ex-naval forces from all sectors in Agartala. Later they were brought to Kolkata. Ruhul Amin was also there with everyone.

The way he was martyred

After the liberation forces captured Jessore cantonment on 6 December, ‘Padma’, ‘Palash’ and an Indian Allied gunboat ‘Panvel’ landed at the Pakistani naval base PNS at Mongla port in Khulna. Titumir entered Bangladesh for the purpose of occupation. When the gunboats approached the Khulna Shipyard at around 12 noon on December 10, three fighter jets were seen flying at a very high altitude.

After realizing the enemy’s aircraft, permission was sought to shoot from Padma and Palash. But Captain. Monendranath, the commander-in-chief of the operation, thought it was an Indian aircraft and ordered them to refrain from firing. Shortly afterwards, the planes came down unexpectedly and began firing. The first shell fell in ‘Padma’ and later in ‘Palash’. The shell hit the engine room of ‘Padma’ and destroyed the engine. Many sailors were killed.

As a result of ‘Padma’, Palash’s captain Lt. Commander Roy Chowdhury ordered the sailors to leave the ship. Ruhul Amin was furious at this order. He urged all present not to stop fighting. The cannon crew returned to the engine room to fire at the plane. But the planes were not challenged in defiance of the captain’s orders. The planes bombed and destroyed Palash’s engine room. He was injured.

But the infinitely brave Ruhul Amin kept trying to save Palash. However, the engine broke down and caught fire, and Ruhul Amin’s right hand was completely blown away by the bullet. Finally, leaving the ruins of Palash behind, the injured Ruhul Amin jumped into Rupsha. This warrior, full of vitality, once reached the shore. But by then the disgusting Razakars were waiting for him. They stabbed and killed this wounded heroic child with a bayonet on the bank of Rupsha. His mutilated body was lying there for some time in carelessness and neglect. He was martyred. He was later buried on the banks of the river Rupsha in the village of Bagmara by the local people and a monument was erected there.

How to go:

Any local bus service / CNG auto rickshaw from Noakhali District Sadar Maijdi to Sonaimuri can be reached by taking a rickshaw or walking 8 km west to reach Bir Shreshtha Shaheed Md. Ruhul Amin Library and Memorial Museum.

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