Sea Girl Resort – Gazipur

Reading the tittle of Sea Girl Resort you might be thinking about the mentioned resort located in Cox’s bazaar but this resort is situated in Gazipur, not far away from the Dhaka city. This is one of the most attractive tourist spot of Bangladesh.

You will be pleased sighting the beauty of the greenly area of Sea Girl Resort. There is a large collection of local and international trees in the Sea Girl Resort. Thousands of green trees are here including the Battle nut, Palm, Australian Palm and so on of unknown trees. The Resort is situated in your neighbor are at Singardhighi of Mawna in Gazipur having around 42 bigha’s of plain land.

Here is around 18 cottages and lake along with the facilities of conference room, Hotel and recreational facilities for children. Various species of fruit trees, medicinal trees and forest trees made the resort really an awesome enjoyable place. You could find a large playing ground where you can pass you times in confidence.

If you are thinking to visit any recreational place to remove your brininess or planning to visit somewhere with your friends or family for the weekend or to pass some days out of your area then you can visit this resort which is quite closer to Dhaka, A green resort is waiting to welcome you.

How to go Sea Girl Resort:

From Dhaka at first you have to go Gazipur chowrasta, from here you have to follow the road that is forward along the Mymensingh road and directly come to Mawna crossroads. from Mawna crossroads Sea Girl Resort is only 4 kilometers.

Writer: Neyamul Hadi

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Updated: July 17, 2017

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