Sat Vai Khum – Bandarban

A rocky road lined with many stones, big and small, starts just above the Amiyakhum waterfall at Thanchi in Bandarban, a land of natural beauty. After crossing the road very carefully, you will come across a huge rocky outcrop with green, calm and clear streams in between. And from here begins Sat Vai Khum.

Many also call it Velakhum. The next path will be by bamboo raft. After embarking on the raft, you will feel as if you have suddenly entered a rocky fort. This time it was  turn to be speechless and look with fascinated eyes. And at the same time you will feel that the rocky mountains that touch the sky on both sides are welcoming you in the green forest with solemnity. The forest is embracing you in the kingdom and the green clear waterways are giving you a warm welcome.

Although all the metaphors are used to describe the beauty of Sat Vai Khum, perhaps the description of its beauty will be stingy. On the way back from the lush green forests of Sat Vai Khum, the waterways pass and the rocky mountain kingdom, you will be accompanied by a great feeling of a thrilling, inaccessible and terrifying journey.

According to the locals, Sat Vai Khum is named after seven stones. Sat Vai Khum is named after the largest of the seven boulders that have fallen from the mountain of the gods. And the first stone was broken into two pieces last year.

“The stone has been broken by the curse of the mountain of the gods for the way the tree is being cut down from the mountain.” – They think so.

How to go:

Come first in Bandarban by any buses who come from Dhaka to Bandarban . If you take a night bus from Dhaka, you will reach Bandarban town in the morning. Then from Bandarban city to Thanchi by moon car or bus. It will take you two to two and a half hours. Remakri by boat from Thanchi. It will also take two to two and a half hours to reach Remakri. Amiakhum on foot from Remakri.

From Remakri to Nafakum, you will reach Gina Para via Naikhyang Jhiri. You will spend about four hours here. The first day will be night. You have to stay in Jinapara that night. The next day walk from Jinapara to reach Amiyakhum through Devta hill. It will take only two hours. Sat Vai Khum on a raft from there.

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Updated: June 19, 2023

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