Sakahafong Mountain – Bandarban

Mount Sakahafong in Bandarban, also known as Madak Tung or Modak Tuang, is the highest mountain in Bangladesh. Although Keokradong or Tajingdong was considered as the top mountain peak in Bangladesh a few days ago, US Topography Map, Russian Topography Map, Google Map, Google Earth and GPS readings taken by various explorers have revealed that Sakhafong-e is now one of the highest mountain peaks in Bangladesh. According to the survey, either 3454, 3445 or 3410 feet.

The journey started from Thanchi Bazaar towards Sakahafong Mountain. Gradually mountain trails beyond human settlements. There is no other way here except the mountains. You just have to cross a mountain like a monster. The only companion on the uninhabited road is the black and white clouds of the mountains, the sudden rain, the fields of Zum, the green scent and the sweet water of the mountain streams! On the way to the forest you will find another uncivilized town. Sometimes wild butterflies, sometimes unfamiliar insects or almost extinct flocks of birds. Flying in front of the eyes. The sound of the silent wind is like the eternal companion of this backyard environment! If you don’t have these, you may get bored with such long tracking.

After climbing and descending the hills, Jhiripath and Bunoful, the group trekked for two days to Boding Para, Sherkar Para, Tandui Para, Napiu Para and Sakahafong. Then there is no neighborhood in this part of Bangladesh. There are only hills and mountains. Beyond the mountains begins the border with Myanmar. This nappyou neighborhood is located at the foot of Sakahafong. From there you have to take the bamboo trail to reach the top. The path is very difficult. There is nothing to say about the trail path here. As soon as you cross the bamboo forest, touch the top of Sakahafong. Nothing of this civilization is visible from the top. Just mountains and hills across the eyes. The scene of the color-changing clouds, the immortal appearance of the green, the higher non-stop bonding mountains of Myanmar, the trembling of the clouds soaking the body!

How to go

Bandarban can be reached directly from Dhaka / Chittagong by various transport buses. Buses run daily from Bandarban to Thanchi. Or you can go to Thanchi by reserve jeep. The only way to reach Sakahafong from Thanchi is by trekking. It is compulsory to take a guide from Thanchi. On the way, you have to include your name and address in Thanchi camp.

Where to stay

Overnight stays are available in Bandarban neighborhoods. Even then you can take the tent if you want.

Necessary information

The path to Sakahafong is quite difficult so you have to be prepared. If tracking ‘shoes’ is not possible, you need to carry plastic shoes, essential medicines, Odomos cream (mosquito repellent ointment), fast aid, adequate food, saline and the necessary ingredients for trekking.

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Updated: June 18, 2023

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