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Sajek Valley in Rangamati district is one of the most popular places of interest for tourists at present. One of the most beautiful Sajek Valley in Bangladesh is a place where if you are lucky you can see all three aspects of nature in 24 hours. Sometimes it is very hot and after a while it rains suddenly and after a while it will be covered with a blanket of fog.

Going through the crooked mountain path through the kingdom of clouds is really amazing. Sajek is the largest union in Rangamati district. Although Sajek is located in Rangamati district, the easiest way to get there is Khagrachari-Dighinala road. Much of Rangamati can be seen from Sajek Valley. 69 km from Khagrachari. And 30 km from Baghaichari upazila, The whole of Sajek in the distance is a winding path. This form of nature is like the roof of Rangamati! Beautiful forest land and mountains where the clouds are in love.

From Khagrachari you can go to Sajek and there are several hill markets where you can have breakfast. Baghaihat Bazar and Mashalong Bazar are some of them. Machalang Bazar area is the main center of Sajek Union. The distance from here to Sajek is 18 km. This market has developed in the basin of the river Mashalang coming from India near the border.

On the way you will see hilly localities, jhum cultivation, various rivers, army and police camps. Outside, there are green hills all the way, covering themselves with a soft blanket of fog. Sometimes it is very difficult to drive through the thick fog. A total of four army and police camps have to be reported on the way.

Ruilui Para is the main center of the Sajek Valley. 1 km from BGB camp in Sajek Valley. Earlier, Lusai, Pankhoa and Tripura people lived in Ruilui Para. All the houses in the neighborhood are red-green in color. Besides, a 20/25 minute walk from Sajek to Konglak Para. The Pankhoyas live here. In all, 100 members of 10 families will live. Kanlak Para is located at the foot of a huge rock. Standing on the rocky peak of Konglak, the whole Sajek valley can be seen at a glance. Kanlak Para is one of the highest places in Rangamati district, with an elevation of about 2000 feet above sea level. If the sky is clear from Kanlak Para, Lushai hills of India can be seen. The Karnafuli River of Bangladesh originates from the Lushai Hills, which flows through Rangamati, passes through Chittagong and joins the Bay of Bengal.

An extraordinary situation arises at night when a lamp is lit on the top of this inaccessible mountain for the benefit of the solar. Many children sit with books under the road lights or play in the dim light. There are 3 helipads in the morning. There are three types of beauty. You can also walk from Ruilui Para to Kamalang Para. This neighborhood is also very beautiful and located very high. Be sure to eat oranges during the orange season. Sajek’s orange is the best orange in Bangladesh. A small tat industry has been set up by the Bangladesh Army for the residents of Dara Ruilui Para. Beautiful towels, lungi found here.

When to go: –  It is best to go in winter if it is only for traveling. And if you love adventure and want to see the true beauty of the mountains, then come in the rainy season.

Where to stay –

There are several good quality resorts to stay in Sajek so you can be safe with family or friends.

Ruilui Para / Sajek Resort: This is a resort run by the Bangladesh Army. Which is located in Sajek. Which has four rooms on the second floor. VIP room 15,000 taka. The other is tk 12,000. The other two are 10,000 taka each. Meals are available. Contact: Booking has to be done through Giri Thebara of Khagrachari Cantonment. Whose number is: 01859025694. Another number: 01847070395. Click here to see the names and mobile numbers of all the resorts in Sajak.

Runmoy: –  It is located in Sajeke. It has three rooms on the ground floor. The rent of each is 4450 taka. Each room can accommodate 2 people. You can take an extra bed with 600 taka. There are two rooms upstairs. The rent is 4950 taka. Each room can accommodate two people. You can also get an extra bed for 600 taka. There are four tents. Each tent can accommodate four people for 2850 taka. Contact: 01862011852.

Alo Resor : – It is located in Riului neighborhood just before Sajek. It has a total of 6 rooms. 4 double rooms (2 beds). The rent of each  is 1000 taka. 2 single rooms. The rent for each is 70 taka. Contact: Palash Chakma – 01863606906.

Emanuel Resort: –  It has 8 rooms. All are common baths. Rent per room is 1500 taka and 700 taka. There are two double beds in the 1500 taka room. Can accommodate 6 people. There are 2 beds in 700 taka rooms. Contact: 01865349130, 01869490868 (Development) This resort is a very ordinary resort, friends or those who have no complaints about staying here can stay here, it is not an ideal resort for girls or family.

Sara Resort : – It is located in Riului neighborhood. It is owned by Mona Dada, a businessman from Ruilui. There are 4 rooms here. Three attached baths. A common bath. The rent for each room is 1000 taka. 3600 if you take 4. There is a bed in each room. There can be 2 people. The rooms are a little small. Made of tin. There is solar. Contact: 01554534507.

Ruilui Para Club House : – It is located in Ruilui Para just before Sajek. You can stay here like 15 people. The rent has to be 100 taka per person. You can cook and eat by yourself. Its caretaker Moiya Lusai Dada will make all the arrangements. There is also a person named Lakshan, who will help you if needed. There are two toilets here. Can use it for free. You have to pay 200 taka for the other. Contact: Moiya Lusai – 01838497612. Lakshan – 01860103402.

Sajek Resort, Runmoy Resort and Alo Resort say your family and girl say people are perfect for everyone. And Emanuel Riului Club House These can be difficult for families or girls to have. These are perfect for those who are friendly or have no complaints about being where the night they can sleep type.

Where to eat

If you have Sajek Resort, Resort Runmoy, Tent and Alo Resort, the food will be arranged from the resort. If you are in the club house, you can arrange the food with the caretaker there. In addition, those camping or staying out will be able to dine at a couple of other tribal-run hotels, including the Maruti Hotel, but will have to order food two hours in advance. The cost will be 150-200 taka per time. Even if you order in the resort runmoy and army run canteen, they will serve the food but the price will be a little higher here.

You can contact us in advance for food arrangements. If there are less people, you can go there. When it comes to rice + vegetables, those who are in charge of the resort can make arrangements. It is better to take fish / meat from Machalang market by road. It is best to have Sajek one night.

How to go?

From Khagrachari you can reach Sajek by three. Moon cars, CNG and motorcycles.

The most popular means is to travel from Khagrachari town with jeep (local name moon car) reserve. The rent will be 4500-5500 taka. One car can seat 15 people. If the population is large, you can go and have fun with the moon car. In this case it will take 4-5 thousand taka if you come back day by day but if you stay at night then I can show you two roads, one will go to Sajek and leave the car but leave the driver’s number and tell him if you call he will come for sure. The second road is from Sajeke at night and then when you leave, you will see many moon car passengers getting off and leaving empty, you will be able to get to the city at a lower price.

If you have more information or any correction in this information please comment here.

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Updated: June 16, 2023

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