Rupmuhuri Jhorna – Bandarban

Alikadam Upazila in the hill district of Bandarban is surrounded by lush green hills, mountain springs and various aesthetic landscapes. There are tourist potential historical Ali tunnels, Roopmuhuri springs, Dim hills, Marangingtang Jedi and Tamangjhiri waterfalls.

Rup Muhuri Waterfalls are located on the banks of the river Matamuhuri in Poyamuhuri area, about 40 km from Alikadam Upazila Sadar. If you want to see this natural waterfall, you have to walk 5 minutes from Poyamuhuri Bazaar. There are two fountains in Poya Muhuri. The fountain adjacent to Poyamuhuri Bazaar is commonly known as ‘Roopmuhuri’ and the fountain in front of Poyamuhuri Jhiri Mukh is known as ‘Poyamuhuri waterfalls’. The distance between Poyamuhuri Jharna and Roopmuhuri Jharna is one-and-a-half kilometers. However, the beauty of Roop Muhuri waterfalls is more. The stream of clear water of ‘Rup muhuri Jharna’ is rushing from the hill about two hundred feet high. And the water of ‘Poyamuhuri Jharna’ is falling while dancing by lifting the foam from about one hundred and fifty feet high.

The water of Rup muhuri waterfalls is cutting the green lining and falling on the rocky ground. The water falling from the high mountains always creates a captivating artistic water point by twisting the coils on the rocks. It is as if a fountain goddess is constantly expressing her heroism in a turbulent flow in the heart of a mountain surrounded by circular rocks. Creating fog around the water. A rainbow is formed when the sun’s rays fall into the steamy water of a fountain. This is a great scene. Which cannot be believed without seeing it with one’s own eyes. Like a mountain queen crying endlessly floating in the clear blue infinite separation pain! Tourists enjoy bathing in the water of Rupamuhuri spring. Located in a remote hilly area, visiting this spring is a great adventure. Behind the public eye in the lap of the green hills, this waterfall is still unfamiliar to the tourists. However, in recent years, some tourists have been flocking to see the beauty of this natural fountain.

How to go

If you want to see Rup pmuhuri waterfalls, first you have to come to Alikadam, the upazila town of Bandarban district. From Dhaka, you will first have to get off at the Chakaria bus terminal on the Chittagong-Cox’s Bazar road. You can also come by bus from Chittagong in chakaria. From Chakaria, Alikadam can come by moon car (jeep). Local rent is 65 taka per person. Reserve fare one way 1000-1200 taka.

The bus will actually take two hours. And if you go to the moon car, it will take 30 minutes or 40 minutes less. The difference between the two is only 10 taka. From bus station to Matamuhuri Bridge Ghat by tomtom or rickshaw. From there you have to take a boat (engine driven boat) to get off at Poyamuhuri Bazar Ghat. In the rainy season the engine boat rent is 200 taka per person and in the dry season the speed boat rent is 400/500 taka. Reserve engine boat or speedboat will cost 5/6 thousand taka. If there is more water in the river, 14/15 people can go in each boat.

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Updated: June 19, 2023

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