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Right near the BARD’s side is a little far from Comilla city. It’s said that once Rahim and Rupban came here to make love. Many go there with their life-partner. But beware, there may be many sneaky thieves who can cause you to fall  in danger if you go alone. But the place is beautiful, you will feel good if you go there.


Mainamati is a witness to the ancient civilization of Buddhism of Bangladesh. In 1955-56, the government’s archeology department excavated and discovered the ruins of Buddhist culture in the eighth and twelfth centuries. This archeology was first discovered during World War II .The place was named after Rani Mainamati, the wife of King Manik Chandra. It was found during the construction of Comilla Airport during the Second World War. Among the archeological finds found in this Mainamati are copper rule, silver coins, bronze Buddhist statues, terracotta plaque paintings, carved bricks, stones, copper plates in ornaments etc. Various utensils used in their daily work can also be noticed. On the slopes of these hills there are remarkable specimens of ancient Buddhist culture from the seventh to the twelfth centuries. That is why Mainamati is called the pilgrimage place of Buddhist culture. On one side of Mainamati is the amazing beauty of the natural hilly cliffs , and the Archaeological museum on the other hand. This museum has many statues from the Buddhist era. Besides, there are ancient inscriptions, ancient letter inscriptions, medieval utensils, dishes, Shivlings, Shiva idols, ancient coins. When you enter this museum, you will feel as if you have gone from the present to the past or the Middle Ages.

Lalmai Hills

Lalmai hills is located about 8 km west of Comilla town. This hill is surrounded by small hills. Surrounded by abundant jackfruit trees and huge mountain trees. Area 33.68 sq km. Its height is 21 meters. It is thought to have been formed 25 or 26,000 years ago. The lush greenery of the Lalmai hills of Mainamati and the archeological museum will attract any travel thirsty people and leave a mark on their mind.

Bangladesh Rural Development Academy (BARD)

Principal Akhtar Hamid Khan established the Bangladesh Rural Development Academy (BARD) in 1959 with the aim of alleviating extreme poverty in rural areas of Bangladesh. Akhtar Hamid Khan was a teacher at Dhaka University. He was born in Comilla district. This BARD is built gigantically. Numerous trees and shady green leaves. This BARD has been created mainly for the development of rural people. BARD trains every agricultural officer for the welfare of the poorest people in the countryside. It is located at Courtbari in Comilla. Rare types of trees are also found here. It is also called the pride of Comilla.

War Cemetery

Mainamati Cantonment is 7 or 8 km west of Comilla town. War Cemetery a little north of this cantonment. Rows over rows of graves of soldiers from different countries killed in World War II are lined up. At least 200 to 300 soldiers from Britain, Australia, Canada, India, Myanmar, Japan, Africa and other countries who died in the Second World War have been buried in rows. Different types of flowering plants have been planted in each row. Various trees and flowering trees can be seen around War Cemetery. Dense green turf grass makes the war cemetery more beautiful. The people of Comilla call War Cemetery an English graveyard. Surrounded by greenery, surrounded by different species of flowers, When you go to the place, the happy mind will be overwhelmed by unknown depression. Travel thirsty people can spend some time in peace there.

Shalban Bihar

Lalmai Mainamati hills about 5 km south-west of Comilla town. The Department of Archeology believes that Bhavadeva, a king of the Deva dynasty, built this Buddhist monastery and temple in the 8th century. The Shalban Buddhist Monastery is built in the shape of a quadrangular fort. Its area is about 560-540 square feet. Bihar is surrounded by a wide enclosure wall. The height of the wall will be about 15.6 feet. There is only one entrance to the whole of Bihar. Presumably, this monastery was built to house Buddhist monks. 115 rooms have been constructed using the back wall of the monastery as a wall. Surprisingly, there were no windows in the rooms. There were three niches in each room, Where idols of gods and goddesses and their religious Tripitakas and books were kept. In addition to the 113 to 114 monks in the four arms of this Shalban Bihar, there is a central mosque. This archeological monastery is one of many monasteries found in Bangladesh. According to the government register, this is the oldest Buddhist monastery. The secluded shady forest of Shalban Bihar will attract the traveler for many days. The architecture of this Buddhist temple is a wonderful witness of the ancient times of Bangladesh. This magnificent brick monastery will amaze any person.


Another name of shall tree is Gajari tree. Shalban is called deciduous forest. This deciduous forest is one in Comilla and the other in Gazipur. Many tourists from different parts of the country come to see this Shalban adjacent to Kortbari. Sitting under this tree in the afternoon fills the mind with peace. There is a monastery next to this Shalban. That is why everyone calls it Shalban Bihar.

Ananda Bihar

It is located near Mainamati Cantonment, 8 km west of Comilla town and about 2 km north of Shalban Bihar. It was a place of pilgrimage for the Buddhist community. According to archeology, it is the second largest Buddhist monastery in Bangladesh. The length of each arm of this square monastery is 600 to 660 feet. The main entrance is through the middle of the north arm of this Buddhist monastery. The walls of this monastery are decorated with various types of plaques, which are found in many Buddhist patterns. It is named Ananda Bihar after the Buddhist king Ananda Roy. Any traveler will be fascinated by this magnificent Buddhist monastery. The environment around this Ananda Bihar is very beautiful.


Dharmasagar is inside the city of Comilla. Comilla Children’s Park is in the northern corner of Dharmasagar. The view of the sea can be enjoyed sitting in this children’s park, this children’s park with greenery and huge big trees. Sitting in this children’s park fills the mind to feel good. Dharmasagar is named after King Dharmapala. It is a huge rectangular lake. About 200-250 years ago, in about 1750 or 1808 AD, Dharmapala was the king of Prajahitasi. He was the king of the Pala dynasty. There was famine in Bengal at that time. The king dug this lake to help the famine stricken people. The main purpose of the king was to alleviate the water woes of the people of this region. This lake is only relieving the water shortage of the local people, Not that. This huge lake, which is very beautiful in the eyes of the people who love it, is getting smaller and smaller in the hands of the occupiers. This lake touches the minds of travelers with a fascinating fantasy of love. Thousands of people throng here every afternoon. Recently, Comilla City Corporation has renamed it as City Park.

Gomti river

The Gomti River is located 6 km west of Comilla town and east-north of the cantonment. This river bank dam is Comilla city protection dam. Gomti is called the soul of Comilla. The view of this river during the rainy season is very captivating. Its full youth can be seen in the rainy season. The sound of the rippling waves of the river, distant houses, fishermen lined up for fishing, white gannets, white clouds floating in the blue sky, etc., will make any traveler a poet for a while. It can be an attractive place to take pictures.

Kali temple

Kali Mandir is little east of Kandirpar, the heart of Comilla city. Reconstruction of the temple has resulted in a number of changes. The length of each arm of the huge temple is about 160 to 180 feet. Each wall of the temple has various terracotta plaques to attract. These plaques are basically images of various animals, gods, goddesses, animals, men and women, etc., which can be seen with the naked eye. Besides, there is a liberation war museum in Mainamati. Names of different martyrs and heroic soldiers in the war, their bravery activities, different swords, guns, pistols, pictures of liberation war etc. Comilla Victoria College is a heritage of Comilla district built in 1899 it,named by Queen Victoria of England at Kandirpar on the outskirts of the city. Besides, there is the famous Rasmalai of Comilla. Anyone who is thirsty for travel should not forget to eat Rasmalai when he travels to Comilla.


There are many resorts along the Dhaka-Comilla highway. Sophisticated facilities will be available in almost all of them. No booking is required to stay at the Bird Resort. There are special arrangements for conference and party halls. Meals are arranged by the resort authorities. There are also differences between rooms. AC rooms and non-AC rooms are rented separately. Besides, there is Nurjahan Resort, Highway in Comilla. All the resorts are almost on the side of the highway. Here you can get an extra opportunity to visit the huge market of khaddar cloth. Apart from this, you can visit Mainamati by the resort ‘s own  car. You can visit these resorts within a distance of only 60 km from Dhaka if you wish.

How to get there

Comilla is 96 km from Dhaka. There is a direct bus service from Dhaka’s Sayedabad. Prime, Tisha, Asia Line etc. available. And you can go directly from Kamalapur bus stand by Royal Platinum coach bus. Bus fares will be between Tk 180 to Tk 200 per person and AC buses between Tk 250 and Tk 320 for platinum seats. Besides, you can reach Comilla Cantonment by taking any bus for Chittagong, Feni, Laksam. Besides, you can come to Comilla easily by train.

Where to stay

There are various quality hotels in Comilla to stay at. Among them are Hotel Chandrima, Hotel Sonali, Hotel, Shalban, Hotel, Nidra Bagh, Ashiq Rest House etc. The rent is between 200 to 600 taka. And there is a better one called Red Roof In. The rent in the racecourse area will be 400 to 1000 taka.

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