Riverview Echo Park – Pirojpur

The D. C. park is a traditional park in Pirojpur district. The park is located in the bank of Baleshwar River. The natural view of Baleshwar River can be enjoyed from the watch tower whis is standind here. The park is also known as Pirojpur Riverview echo park. Mr. Mansur Raja Chowdhury, a former deputy commissioner of Pirojpur district took the initiative plan to establish a park atnamajapura village of Pirojpur district in 2007.
Overall responsibility of the park is bestowed upon Pirojpur DC office in August of 2014. One of the most interesting aspects of this park is the road is located in the lap of the Baleshwar River and a five-storey watch tower.There is a fountain,a lake and a coffee shop in the park. Therea are two wooden bridges in the park and paddel boat on the lake. The whole park to be built across seasonal flower gardens, sitting bench, scored umbrellas, swings and some tapiyari.
Location : The park is lacated at Namajpur village which is 25 km away from Pirujpor Sadr.
Contact :
Mr. Md Sayedul Arefin
Mobile : 017300366515
Nejarata deputy collector, Pirojpur.

Where to Stay :

There are some residential Hotels in Pirujpur.They are Hotel Rajoni (01712562241), Hotel Relax (046162807), Hotel Dallas (046162855), Hotel Obokas (046162333), Hotel Cynthia (046163262), Hotel Al galibha (miyarahata port, Nesarabad), Hotel Shah Nawaz (inderahata port), hotel Al Madinah (01712519009) at Inderahat port, Nesarabad etc.

How can we go:

You can go to Pirojpur from Dhaka both the road and the river. There are lots of transports left from the Gabtoli and Sayedabad during the morning and night. Sakura Transport (028021184) which is left in the morning at 9.00 am and nightcoach left at 9.45 pm and Eagle Transport (01712543907) also left from Gabtoli Bus satnd.There are some buses Dola transport(01739612299), Banaphula transport, Hamim Transport etc left from Saidabad Bus stand.


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  1. This is a nice place specially the Bolleshor River is so beautiful. The river side beauty is charmed me still now

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