Risang Jharna (Waterfall) – Khagrachari

Risang Jorna (Waterfall) is three kilometers west of Alutila tourist center (one km away from Khagrachari-Chittagong road). As soon as you go north from the main road, you will hear the sound of the fountain. There are two fountains here as well. The road has been made with paved stairs to go to a fountain for the convenience of tourists. So it is easy to go to this fountain. Another fountain 200 yards further from the first. The total distance from the district town to the fountain site is about 11 km. With your own transport you can easily go to the foot of the waterfall. A little walking will add to the attraction of the journey. Anyone who walks on the side of a high mountain, his eyes will get stuck by the beauty of mountain green and lifestyle. If you look at the valley thousands of feet below,  anyone will be shocked by it,s amazing fascination.

This natural waterfall is falling from a height of about 30 meters. Totally rocky environment. The water of the spring is falling down from about 100 feet above the hill. After falling down, it rolled over another 100 feet of rock and landed on the plane-land. It is a unique form of it that will go beyond your imagination.

Although no one has been able to say when the stream started flowing, in 2003 it caught the eye of travelers. People have been coming here ever since. You can take a dip in the water of the Risang fountain, take a natural shower in the water of the fountain, and even have a water ride for those who are a little naughty. Everything is free.

There is a way to get to the head where the stream water falls from, so go there, as the place is flat, it is better to enjoy the bath part there. You will see another elevated path to return from that place. Keep walking along that path and you will see that at one time you have come to that familiar road. Now go back to the hotel the way you came.

How to go:

The Herringbone Road can be reached by jeep, private car, microbus or on foot from the highway.The distance from the district headquarters to Alutila, just west of the main road to the north of the waterfall is about 11 km. The whole journey to the fountain is very exciting. On the way, the distant high and low green hills, the bushes, the eye-catching endless beauty of the nameless colorful flowers take anyone to a state of imagination.


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Updated: October 6, 2021

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