Rayerakathi Landlord House – Pirojpur

Rayerakathi landlord house located  just three kilometers away from the district town of Pirojpur. There are Raj Bhavan, nahabatkhana, guest house, numerous temples including theater in this 300 years old house.There were 200 large and small edifice.A Kali Mondir was built in landlord’s house in 1658.There are Shiva Linga which weight is 1000kg.This Shiva Linga is the largest in the subcontinent.There are 7 building standing being witness of ancient civilization in this landlord house.

Location: Pirojpur Sadar, Pirojpur.

Where to Stay :

There are some residential Hotels in Pirujpur.They are  Hotel Rajoni (01712562241), Hotel Relax (046162807), Hotel Dallas (046162855), Hotel Obokas (046162333), Hotel Cynthia (046163262), Hotel Al galibha (miyarahata port, Nesarabad), Hotel Shah Nawaz (inderahata port), hotel Al Madinah (01712519009) at Inderahat port, Nesarabad etc.

How to go :

If you want to go to this Landlord house at first you have come Pirojpur district by road or river.Then you can go to Rayerakathi Landlord House which is only three kilometer away from Pirojpur Sadr. You can go to Pirojpur from Dhaka both the road and the river. There are lots of transports left from the Gabtoli and Sayedabad during the morning and night. Sakura Transport (028021184) which is left in the morning at 9.00 am and nightcoach left at 9.45 pm and Eagle Transport (01712543907) also left from Gabtoli Bus satnd.There are some buses Dola transport(01739612299), Banaphula transport, Hamim Transport etc left from Saidabad Bus stand.

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Updated: February 6, 2017

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