Ratargul Swamp Forest – Sylhet

Ratargul Swamp Forest is only one swamp forest of Bangladesh. It is called the Amazan of Bangladesh. It is about 26 km away from Sylhet city and situated on the border area of Shylet under the Goain ghat area. Goain river flows in north, large hoar in south. And between this two is Ratargul swamp forest. Ratargul swamp forest is one of the most beautiful tourist spot/place in Sylhet.

According to wikipedia, there are 22 sweet water swamp forest in the world. In this indian subcontinent are only two Swamp Forest . And this one is Ratargul, another one in Srilanka. This a beatiful forest as you can only compare with Amazon. As like Amazon it is a forest of vast sweet water and swamp forest.

If you vistit there in winter you will not get the real scenery of Ratargul. Because that time you will see the dry leaf is dorpping, the lake of water turn into small hole and sometimes it is using the country road for walking. However, in the rainy season it get full of its youth. It fills with water. Lots of fishes and aquatic animals get their life back. The hills rainfall and steream rush to Ratargul. It fills with water. Most of the tree dive into water. Some are standing up to rise their head on the water. Water and tree mix together. Small fishes jump into the water.

Wonderful world: under the water

Really it would be fantastic experience to see the tree diving into the crystal water. Though in winter you will get another scenery. Such as after decreasing the water, there will be rise murta and jail (one kinds of Rattan) garden. This is another beauty of this forest. In the rainy season the forest keep in water for four to seven months. You have to enter there with small boat. Goain River will be the way to reach there. Along with sight-seeing bank of river you can see the high hills of Mizoram (an Indian states). You will be fascinated to see this lovely nature.

How To go Ratargul

You can go Ratargul in different ways. But where from you go? First of all  you have to go from Sylhet. then from Sylhet you can go Ratargul  easily.

1st way: Sylhet to Jaflong– In the Tamabil road vs Sharghat to reach Goainghat. Then you have to rent a engine boat to reach ratargul bit office. It would take 900 tk. To 1500 tk. For round trip. It would take 2 hour. After reaching bit office you have to take small boat to enter this swampy forest. It have to pay 200 to 300 tk. Per hour.

2nd way: You can take a CNG paying 500tk from ambarkana point of shylet and reach Goain ghat. This a beautiful road in the rainy season, Osmani airport vs Shalutikor. Then reach in Goainghat rest are the same to 1st way.

There is another way, you can take a CNG from the Ambarkana point paying 200 to 300tk then reach in Motorghat ( Shaheb bazar). Then you can take small boat paying 200 to 300 tk to reach the swampy frost. It would take 200 to 300 tk. Per hour. You can save money and time in this way. It might be cheapest way to trip Ratargul.

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Updated: July 14, 2017

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