Rangunia Kodala Tea Garden – Chittagong

Rangunia Kodala Cha Bagan (Rangunia Kodala tea garden) is one of the tourist attractions that give some moments of peace from the monotonous city life. On the one side, the view of the wonderful confluence of the clouds lurking with the green surrounded by mountains, on the other side, the soothing waves of Karnafuli, the daughter of Lusai, near the tea garden, will refresh anyone in a moment.

Also the sight of the tea garden is the paradise of British bungalows, the chirping of birds and the daily tireless work of tea workers that will make the entertainment lovers dream of an unknown kingdom of fairy tales.

Developed in Kodala Union of Rangunia Upazila, this tea garden is one of the first and top tea gardens in the country. In addition to production, the tea garden has already gained huge popularity as a tourist spot. Everyday hundreds of tourists and reporters flock around from various electronics channels, telefilms and filmmakers come here to capture the beautiful scenery of the garden. Shooting is for various pictures, telefilms. And with all this, Kodala Tea Garden is now one of the busiest areas in Rangunia.

There is a rumor in the area that the British took the initiative to plant tea gardens after seeing the vast area of ​​Kodala tea garden while coming and going through the Karnafuli river. And from that Kodala tea garden was developed. The tea garden was established in 1894. After independence in 1976, at that time the government leased the tea gardens to private ownership. Among them, Platas Bangladesh has been operating Kodala tea garden for a long time.

The Anwar Group leased the tea garden from Platas Bangladesh in 1993 at a loss. BRAC officially leased the Kodala Tea Garden on October 7, 2004 as the Anwar Group also failed to make a profit. Under the Bangladesh Tea Board under the Ministry of Commerce, Kodala Tea Garden was leased from the government by BRAC for a tea garden of two and a half thousand acres. Last year 3 and a half lakh kg of tea was produced, this time the target is 4 lakh kg of tea. Kodala tea garden is now in the 3rd position out of 162 tea gardens in the country.

Besides tea and rubber plantations, seedlings of various species of trees are being renewed. Besides, mango, agar, neem and radish bamboo have also been cultivated in this garden. Although Plantas Bangladesh and Anwar Group did not see any profit from planting Kodala tea garden, since BRAC Kodala tea garden was leased, the tea garden has now become a profitable organization of BRAC with efficient management through various schemes. In the tea industry of the country, Kodala Tea Garden Tea has gained a wide reputation at home and abroad as a quality tea and top tea producing company.

Kodala tea garden is the first tea garden in the country. Rashed Mahmud Rubel, senior assistant manager of the tea garden, said that the tea production in the garden is increasing day by day. Besides tea production, the garden is also becoming attractive to tourists. The breathtaking view of Kodala tea garden surrounded by lush greenery and high and low hills on the banks of the river Karnafuli can attract anyone.

How to go

From Chittagong, take the Chittagong-Kaptai Highway non-stop bus, get off at Sarafvata Godown and go straight to Kodala Tea Garden.

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Updated: July 18, 2022

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