Rana Resort and Amusement Park – Khulna

It’s a common desire among travellers to spend some time in the great outdoors away from civilization. The Pasur River Basin in Batiaghata, Khulna, is home to the new “Rana Resort and Amusement Park,” which was built with the time and entertainment needs of the city’s vacationing residents in mind.

The handy location of Rana Resort in Khulna makes it a prime tourist destination for city dwellers. Taking that first step into the park at the start of your journey is going to calm your nerves. There is a remarkable lack of noise. The interior decor is elegant, luxurious, and regal. Locals, as well as those from far away, will be able to enjoy themselves here, away from the busy life of the city.

Modern cottages, popular rides at amusement parks, and the largest mangrove Sundarbans (river cruise) facility in the world are all available to tourists at Water Kingdom. Tsunamipool, the first of its kind in Bangladesh, features man-made sea waves, water slides, DJ-mixed music, and a host of other exciting attractions and activities. There will be a 4-5 foot swell.

This park is truly a “Child’s Paradise,” designed solely for the pleasure of young visitors. With attractions like a carousel, octopus ride, nagardola, bumper cars, a self-guided plane, train, flying car, jumping frog, lady bug, motor ride, cable car, tsunami pool, and water slide ride, this 9.25-acre amusement park is nothing short of spectacular.

You’ll feel revitalised by Monolova Park’s peaceful setting. A picnic is another option for a group outing. There are luxurious resorts and hotels where you and your loved ones can spend the night in peace and quiet.

The resort charges a 300 Taka entrance fee.

How to go:
If you want to visit “Rana Resort and Amusement Park,” you can find it in Khulna, in the upazila of Baranpara called Batiaghata. From Khulna’s zero point, you can ride a bus, a microbus, or even a simple bike here. You can visit this resort with your loved ones and get back to nature while still being only 15 kilometres from the city.

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Updated: June 26, 2023

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