Ramu Rubber Garden – Cox’s Bazar

Allover Across the small and big hills, vast land there are only rubber trees , Rows after rows of rubber trees seem like an ocean of greenery. In the midst of the natural beauty of Ramu the garden is another wonder of beauty, full of various forms of beauteousness  and unique art forms. This is one of the most attractive  Ramu Rubber Bagan in the country.

Not only the rubber garden, apparently the natural beauty and pleasant environment here will give you peace of mind and generosity of nature.

From 18 km before Cox’s Bazar town In RAMU upazila this garden was built by the Bangladesh Forest Industries Development Corporation in 1960 -61. At present the garden is standing over an area of ​​2,682 acres.

In present times the garden covers the area almost from the tea garden area along with Chittagong Cox’s Bazar highway to Zoyariinalar Malapara on the north; jumachari, garjaniya on the east,  and to the lot Ukhiya Ghona at the south side

The vast spread greenery of Rubber trees on both sides of the highway,The chirping of  thousand different birds, all in all the garden easily catches the eye of the visitors. Throughout the middle of the rubber garden adjacent to the tea garden junction, a brick road rises up to the top of the hill, at the end of this road there is the oldest rest house of Cox’s Bazar district. It is known as Rubber Garden Rest House. The beautiful surroundings of the rest house has added more dimension to the beauty of the place. Currently it is the most interesting place in Ramu for a night out , picnic or any kind of occasion. This place has additional attractions for nature lovers.

Apart from the Rubber Garden Rest House of Ramu, there are several other places of interest, but in terms of various different facilities and natural beauty it is the best place . Most of the various events including picnics of different organizations are organized here. The surroundings and the environment are so beautiful and pleasant that it’s beyond hatred. Moreover, many of the ancient monuments or Buddhist temples in Ramu can be some places for your bucket list .

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Updated: September 30, 2021

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