Ramu Buddhist Temple – Khagrachari

Traditional Buddhist antiquities area Ramu has numerous ancient historical monuments. Among them Buddhist temples, monasteries and chaitya-jadi are notable. There are about 35 Buddhist temples or Kang and Jadi in Ramu. The Buddhist traditional places Ramu Lama Para Kang, Kendriya Seema Bihar (1707), Srikul’s Maitri Bihar (1984), Aparna Charan Mandir, Shasan Dhvaja Mahajyoti Pal Seema (1289 Bengali), Srikul Puratan Buddhist Vihara (Ramu Buddhist Vihara), Srikul chereng ghat big kang (Roangir kang 1885) Adjacent temples, Sangrimar Kang adjoining temples of Dakshina Rikul, Ramkaut Banashram Bihar.

Bimukti Vidarshan Bhavan Kendra Uttar Mithachari 100 feet lion decoration Buddhist statue. Temples adjacent to North Fateh Gharkul Vivekaram Buddhist Monastery, Eidgarh Buddhist monastery etc are notable. This Buddhist tradition of Ramu has been bearing glorious testimony since time immemorial. And being a tourist city, they are also more attractive to tourists. These religious relics of Ramu will play a significant role in the development and economic development of the tourism industry if the government takes the initiative to preserve the ancient Buddhist relics.

How to go:

As the Buddhist temple is located on the side of Khagrachari-Chittagong highway, buses and taxis can be used to reach there.

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Updated: October 16, 2021

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