Rajban Bihar – Rangamati

Rajbhan Bihar is the largest Buddhist monastery in Bangladesh, located near the town of Rangamati.  Bana Bhante came to Rangamati in 1977 from the Langdu area to settle down permanently. Devotees built this monastery to accommodate Banabhanta and his disciples. A full-fledged committee for the maintenance of Rajban Bihar was formed under the supervision of Chakma Raja Debashish Roy. Rajban Bihar is one of the tourist destinations in Bangladesh.

Respected Suddhananda Maha Sthavira Bana Bhante, a thinker and religious-philosophical Buddhist leader. He was born on 08 January 1920. Devotees immersed in the forest in the belief that the words of the Buddha and his philosophy would ensure stability, protection from extinction and distortion, and propagation and spread; At the same time he is a seeker of knowledge, a forester, a social reformer and a truth seeker. Abandoning violence-enmity-greed, even, above all, the adorable, worldly world-sea (in the sense of simple family structure), he became absorbed in spiritual thought. After nearly60 years of study, especially through the reading of books and sayings of different religions, pursuits and practices, he has created an exemplary path. The supremacy of race and religion confirms its position, transcends the social obligation of all narrowness, This great sage has been able to build his world. He has carried a great message in the belief of establishing personal restraint and ensuring an atmosphere of peace by overcoming family disputes.



Although Bihar is located in the heart of Rangamati town, the mechanical noise of the city is absent here. Kaptai Lake is surrounded by water and Rajban Bihar is located in the shade of green forest. Bihar can be reached in five minutes by water from Rangamati’s Reserve Bazar Launch Ghat and by road around the stadium. Tourists are not allowed to enter the monastery with hats on.

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Updated: June 16, 2023

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