Raina Tugun Eco Resort – Rangamati

Rainya Tugun Eco Resort is a private tourist destination developed with the idea of ​​eco-tourism. Over a 25-acre site, the Raina Tugun Eco Resort has a huge array of local and foreign flowers, fruits and medicinal plants. Raina Tugun Eco Resort Authority has applied the technical knowledge related to biodiversity conservation in the wet grass forest in the morning, when the gathering of various insects including grasshoppers will surely be remembered. On the other hand, when the red glow of the red sun shines in the twilight evening, when it pierces the blue mountain and falls into the embrace with the dim, it is really exciting to return to the nest of thousands of unnamed wild birds. And if you want to relax and meditate in solitude, this Raina Tugun Eco Resort will ensure you that environment.

This Rainya Tugun Eco-Valley is like a piece of Chittagong Hill Tracts. The names of the small hills in the middle of Raina Tugun are quite varied – Furomon, Falitangya Chug, Keokradong, Alutila, Cyclamen, which are frequently visited by travelers, Rangamati, Bandarban and Khagrachari. In the open field of Falitangyachug you can hang out with friends in the chat of life. This falitangachug has been prepared for the ‘open yard’ ceremony. On the other hand, near the top of Chimbuk peak, there is a ‘Naugang’ surrounded by water from three sides, where the visitors have a designated place for boating.

Besides, the Kamilachhari hill village, which has been displaced due to Kaptai Dam, will provide you with thought and viewing in the vicinity of the villagers. There are wonderful opportunities to bathe or swim (with a life jacket) in the green waters of Kaptai Lake around the Raina Tugun Eco Resort.

This is not the end. Initiatives have already been taken to build villas / cottages in order to create human harmony with nature and greenery. And for those who want to hold various events, meetings or gatherings, the convention hall has been created. Kam ‘Baochkhana’ restaurant has local food as well as local and foreign food facilities for food lovers.

Villas / cottages are being built to facilitate the travel thirsty people by imitating the construction style of the hills.


E-mail: rainyatugun@yahoo.com,

Mobile:  01551708244

Website – http://www.rainyatugun.com/

How to go:

There is a direct bus from Dhaka to Rangamati. It can be done again in Chittagong. Whichever way you go, the cost will be within 650 taka. You can get on the bus from Kalyanpur, Kalabagan, Sayedabad. Besides, if you want to go from Chittagong, you can get a private transport bus from Oxygen Junction of the city and BRTC bus from Kadamtali. The hill town of Rangamati can be reached in just two and a half hours by bus at Tk 110 and non-stop transport at Tk 90. From Paharika or non-stop from 6 in the morning till 8 at night till 40 minutes break for the purpose of Rangamati.

There are two ways to get here –

  1. From Kaptai to Kaptai-Rangamati road only 4 km. Rangamati is easily accessible from anywhere in the city, by CNG, microbus, private car and motorbike from Tabalchhari and Assam. Its distance from Rangamati town by road is about 18 km.
  2. Raina Tugune is also easily accessible by boat or launch. Although there is no local or line boat service to Raina Tugun, you can take advantage of a chartered boat or launch. And this boat or launch can be easily found from the reserve market and Table Chhari boat ghat.

A distinct achievement in the boat ride is the friendship with the rippling waves of Kaptai Lake and the touch of heavenly bliss with the cool touch of the vast expanse of water around it. Even if you go by road, your receipt is not less. The winding path like a snake and the blue water of Kaptai Lake on one side of the road and the small and big green hills on the other side will guide you to your destination. And if you want to go from Kaptai, you can easily go to Raina Tugun Eco Resort.

Its distance from Kaptai New Market is 3 kilometers. Motorcycles, autorickshaws or micro buses can be taken to the Raina Tugun Eco Resort. You can also take the extra opportunity to visit the tourist spot at Navy Camp, very close to the Raina Tugun Eco Resort.

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Updated: June 16, 2023

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