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Radiant Fish World (রেডিয়েন্ট ফিস ওয়ার্ল্ড) is the first marine fish aquarium in Bangladesh. Hundreds of small and large aquariums with glittering aesthetic works of art , decorated tunnels arranged with electric lights and various species of fish. This is like a wonderful sea underwater world. This is like the colorful kingdom of the sea. Surrounded by various species of fish, it feels like a living reflection of the sea floor.

The Radiant Fish Aquarium Complex built at Jhautala in Cox’s Bazar has been divided into 8 zones. The 8 zones include aesthetic space for three-nine D movie watching, various species of native and exotic birds, attractive digital color lab for photography, shops for marketing, live fish restaurant, prayer room, sports zone for children, wedding or party conference hall. And on the roof you can enjoy the natural environment as well as organize BBQ. There is also a spacious parking and luggage locker. It is not possible to understand how 4 to 5 hours can be passed in an instant without annoyance . The entire complex is constantly  being monitored under CCTV.

If you go to the aquarium, you can see fish over fish , fish on the right, fish on the left. You have to walk through more than 50 species of fish. However, sharks may suddenly appear in front. Man-eating fish piranha can come running with open teeth. Kuchia, turtles, crabs, aus and various insects on the bottom of the sea can be touched with the body.

In the middle of this, the trees at the bottom of the sea, leaves, vines, leaves, shrubs and flowers will kiss your body . It takes two hours to cross the mountains, caves, bottoms of the sea, high and low and random sea paths.

Entrance Fee – The entrance fee for Radiant Fish World has been fixed at Tk.1000 for domestic tourists and Tk.2000 for foreign tourists. There are also free and relatively low cost tickets for children of all ages. In addition, 10-50% discount on tickets at different times.

Contact for details-

29 Jhautala, Main Road, Cox’s Bazar.

Mobile: 01701-289714 , 01701-289711 , 01701-289712 , 01701-289713

Email: [email protected]

Keep an eye out for the various offers of Radiant Fish World –  https://www.facebook.com/Radiantfishworld/

How to go

You have to go to Cox’s Bazar from any part of the country to see Radiant Fish World Aquarium. You can easily go to Radiant Fish World by CNG / Easybike / Autorickshaw from anywhere in Cox’s Bazar.

All vehicles will be available on Kalatali Beach Road. From there you have to go to Jhautla, main road, Cox’s Bazar. If you reserve an easy bike, you will rent 50-70 taka. You can go to Jhautala with a local easybike for 10-15 taka. From the front corner of Poushi Restaurant, just a few steps on the left hand side, you will find Radiant Fish World.

It is open to visitors from 7 am to 9 pm.

Where to stay

There are many hotels, motels or cottages in Cox’s Bazar. You can say Cox’s Bazar is the city of hotels. And from there you can stay in any hotel as you wish. Click here to know the names, mobile numbers and rental rates of all the hotels in Cox’s Bazar.

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Updated: September 30, 2021

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