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Location of Pratappur Zamindar House in Pratappur village of Purbachandrapur union of Daganbhuiyan upazila of Feni. Among the few Chowdhury, Bhuiyan and Zamindar dynasties in Daganbhuiyan, the position of Pratappur zamindars was at the top. They were influential for the surrounding area. Rajkrunch Saha, the zamindar of the house during British rule, used to sit in this house and administer the area. He and his 5 sons used to collect land rent.

It is known that Zamindar Rajkruncha Saha built the house in the year 1850 in 1860 according to the 800th century land. He built a palace-like house in his own name. The Ramnaths had five brothers. They lived in five two-story buildings. There are 13 ponds in the house for fish farming under the supervision of zamindar. The wife and daughter-in-law used to bathe in 5 pucca ghats of five ponds inside the house. There is no other zamindar house in Bangladesh with so many ponds. The pond here has made the whole house interesting. At that time the house was spectacular for the surrounding area. The zamindars of other places at that time used to visit this house. At one stage, when the zamindar system was abolished, the prestige of the house began to decrease.

As soon as you enter the zamindar’s house, you will be greeted by a huge chalat tree. This is probably the first time you have seen such a large chalat tree. Pratappur zamindar bari area is also known as Rajbari, big house. Yet every year on Baishakh, the followers of traditional religions celebrate a three-day festival around this house. You can see Pratappur High School built by the zamindars of Pratappur.

How to get there

If you get off the train at Feni from Dhaka, you will go to Tomtom or city bus service. And you can actually get off the bus at Mahipala. Get on the Noakhali-bound bus from Mahipal. Please tell, to bring down the sebarhat market. Sebarhat Bazar is located in Noakhali district, only one kilometer away from the last boundary of Feni district.

Get off the bus at Sebarhat Bazar and walk to the left (north side) of the market. There is an iron bridge, just tell someone about the CNG going to Pratappur. Get on the CNG. On both sides of the road you will reach Pratappur Bazaar to see paddy fields, rural houses, and thousands of beautiful villages. Pratappur zamindar’s house is next to the market.

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Updated: June 16, 2023

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