Prantik Lake – Bandarban

Prantik Lake and a tourist center are located at Haludia, just 16 km from Bandarban city, a beautiful green land. This lake is called Prantik Lake as it is located at the far end of Bandarban district. A huge prantik lake is 25 acres in the middle of this tourist center covering an area of ​​68 acres surrounded by hills. The lake is larger in size than Boga Lake.

All arrangements have been made for educational tours and picnics. There is an open stage made of clay. There is a field for seating for hundreds of people in front. The beautiful lake is surrounded by various species of trees and plants. Free from noise and environmental pollution, there is only the chirping of various birds. Bird habitats of different species in the hills beside the lake. The chirping of birds is heard throughout the day. The blue water of the lake and the green forest on the shores have created a different dimension here. The cool shade of the trees and the fresh air will make you forget all your fatigue.

There are various species of wildlife including monkeys and birds in the forest on the banks of the lake which are born naturally. There are Dahuk, various species of aquatic plants in the pond. If you want, you can go fishing in the lake or paddle boat with the permission of the authorities. There are opportunities for fishing in this prantik lake.

The entrance fee to the marginal lake is 20 rupees.

How to get there

The prantik lake can be easily reached by any vehicle including CNG autoriska, jeep, microbus from Bandarban district headquarters. Any bus from Dhaka or Chittagong bound for Bandarban can get off at Sualak Haludia and reach this spot in half an hour by CNG Autoriska. The rent will be 100 taka.

Where to stay

There is no provision for food and stay in the prantik lake. So you have to come back day by day. Here tourists have to take their own food and water. For overnight stay in Meghla or Bandarban town. Click here to see all hotels in Bandarban.

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Updated: June 19, 2023

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