Panchari Shantipur Aranya Kutir – Khagrachhari

Panchari Shantipur Aranya Kutir (Panchari Shantipur Oronno kuthir)- The second largest Buddha statue in South Asia and the largest in Bangladesh were located here. The height of the statue of Gautam Buddha with the foundation is 50 feet, which is about the same as a five-storeyed house. Mahendra was fixed from earlier. These CNG-like petrol-powered vehicles have quite large and powerful engines, easily catching six people. We rode on Mahendra and reached Panchhari. I took off my shoes and hat and entered the temple. I was surprised to see a huge statue of Gautam Buddha.

Shantipur forest hut is a beautiful green land surrounded by the shade of the unobstructed dense green forest of nature, a place of wonderful beauty, a place of meditation, a holy place of pilgrimage. It is located about 5/6 km straight south from Panchari upazila town and not far from Shantipur. The unparalleled beauty of nature has matched everything here with its unconditional gift. The God, as if he were a self-portrait painter, has embellished every layer of this sacred pilgrimage site with his heart and soul, with artistic colors and colors of mind-blowing beauty. Not only in the beauty of the form, Shantipur forest cottage is always radiant in the sky of the religious sentiments of the entire Bangladeshi Buddhist community and people of different religions. 1999 AD.

It is a memorable year especially for the Buddhists living in Panchhari area. In the same year, Shrimat Sadhanananda Mahasthavira, one of the disciples of our revered Dharmaguru, came to the deep forest of the present Shantipur forest cottage area and meditated. He continued to meditate in an unprotected state under the open sky, relying entirely on nature. Some devout Shantipur residents thought, If this continues, the meditation of the revered Bhante may be disrupted. So they built a cottage to facilitate the revered Bhante’s thoughts. From then on, Due to his indefatigable austerities and indomitable meditation, he soon became known to the Buddhist community as a great devotee.

The atmosphere of Panchhari Buddhist society came back to light after dark. The beginning is the excitement of action. The Buddhist community in the Panchhari area embarked on the great vow of cottage development and the practice of religion. under the right direction of Mr. Sthavira, presided over by the supreme religious guru, Shrimat Shasan. The cottage development committee was formed. Among the most notable installations of the Shantipur Forest Cottage are a 48.50 foot-tall Buddha statue, a 40-cubits-long country house, a 80-foot-long dining hall, a lovely monastery, a lovely labor camp, a friendly building, The hospital is one of them. There are more than 25 cottages here. There is also the sub cottage. Two artificial lakes have been created here. About 35,000 trees have been planted and gardens have been created for the creation of forest and environment.The scenic beauty of Shantipur forest cottage area will attract the mind of any pilgrim or tourist.


It is located about 5/6 km straight south from Panchari upazila town and not far from Shantipur.

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