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Looking for half day or a short trip in Dhaka? Bholanathpur Bazaar and Nakshipali (নকশিপল্লী) can be quite a different trip for you. After crossing two bridges from Kuril highway by the 300 feet you will rich at Bholanathpur. and Nakshipalli only a short distance from Bholanathpur.

As I said before, Nakshi Palli is not really a place to visit, it is just a restaurant. However, as the name of the restaurant, the weather is like green in the village!

The spacious restaurant is not only great for eating, but also great for visiting and spending time. Sometimes a large pond, a wooden road runs through it. The porch around the pond is adjacent to the room and there is a seating area. The place is remarkable in any event, including birthday party, photoshoots. You can even ride a horse car or a beautiful boat !!!

In the autumn, the surrounding Kashfuljain welcomes. Niribali environment shade Sunibid like a quiet village. However, be sure to eat Misty, Pressure and various fish barbecues from Bholanathpur market on the way.

Location of Nakshipalli (Purbachal) –

Purbachal, Sector-1, Road-12, Plot-1, Gudara Ghat, Purbachal, beside the Balu river.

Nakshipalli’s phone number – 01821-888995.

How to get to Nakshipalli (Purbachal) –

From any place in Dhaka, you have to come up to 5 feet. There you will see it written in Bholanathpur Cemetery .. You will go through this inner path .. And for those who do not have a car, you will have to go to Auto from here. Atobhara money will ratijanera 30. “Nakshipalli” will be found in a few hotels inside the auto-down.

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Updated: November 3, 2019

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