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Nilgiri  tourist center is located on the hilltop on the Bandarban-Thanchi road, about 52 km south-east of Bandarban district headquarters. The Nilgiri Tourist Center is located at an altitude of about 2,200 feet above sea level. It is also called Darjeeling in Bangladesh as tourists can easily touch the clouds from Nilgiris. Standing in the Nilgiri tourist center, the only thing that catches the eye is green and green. The greenery all around and the secluded nature are the attractions of the Nilgiris.

During the day, the Bay of Bengal and ships can be seen from the Nilgiris with the naked eye. In addition, the scenic view of the Akabaka River, which flows through small hills, attracts everyone. From the summit of the Nilgiris , one can see Keokradong, the second highest mountain in the country , Bagalek , a natural wonder , the sea of ​​Cox’s Bazar , the light and dark lights of Chittagong seaport and the rows of eye-catching hills .

There are several Mro tribal villages near the Nilgiris. Kapru Para, very close to the Nilgiris, you can easily visit and learn about the Mro tribes. There is a Bangladesh Army camp in Nilgiris. As a result, there is no shortage of security. Army members will extend a helping hand in any of your needs.

The night beauty of the Nilgiris is even more astounding. Seeing the deer, foxes and other wild animals around and the light and dark play of the mountains will make your life seem mysterious. For those who like adventure, Nilgiris at night can be a great place.

On the way to Nilgiris you can see the beautiful cliffs of Bandarban . Indigenous Bum young women will welcome you here. From here you can buy various products made by the indigenous people. After that the dream peak will catch the eye. You can also enjoy the amazing beauty of Bandarban from Sapnachura .

You will reach Chimbu after the dream peak. Chimbuk is famous all over the country. Here is the huge tower of T&T, the development board has built a rest house with all the facilities. There is also an old rest house of the Roads and Highways Department.

After reaching Chimbu, you can have a cup of tea made by the local tribals and leave for Nilgiris. Or an army-run canteen a short distance away. Here you can have lunch or light meals.

The most interesting thing about the Nilgiris is the spiral Sangu river flowing over Bandarban. From here it seems that the Sangu river is very close to you. The magnificent beauty of the Sangu River can be enjoyed from here. If you see the small boats flowing through the Sangu’s chest, you will think from a distance that a dream dinghy is sailing along the Sangu river.

For accommodation and overnight stay at the Nilgiri Resort with state-of-the-art facilities located here, one has to contact the Bandarban Brigade Headquarters of the Army in advance. The Nilgiris Resort is a wonderful place to keep in mind the breathtaking views of nature. Three cottages with all facilities for tourists named Akash Nila, Meghdoot, Nilatana have been built at Nilgiri tourist center in the remote hills. The cottages can be rented for a night out of one thousand to two and a half thousand rupees.

There is also a state-of-the-art restaurant. After crossing the hilly path and reaching Nilgiris, you can eat at the restaurant.

How to get to Eucalyptus:

You can reach Bandarban Sadar directly by taking buses of different transport services from Dhaka every day. From Bandarban Sadar you can go to Nilgiris by moon car.

Or Purabi-Purbani Non AC from Bahaddarhat in Chittagong and BRT AC bus service from Kadamtali to Bandarban. Bandarban-Keranihat bus service is also running from Keranihat station on Chittagong-Cox’s Bazar road. You can go to Bandarban any way you want.

There are various types of rented cars available to visit the tourist spots of Bandarban including Nilgiris. However, for a couple of people, the rent of jeeps, land cruisers, pipedors and reserve cars is much higher. However, there are alternative arrangements. The cost is much lower if you can travel around the Nilgiris together with your family and in groups. Nilgiri can also be reached by CNG and Mahindra cars.

Besides, there is an opportunity to go to Nilgiri by the passenger bus services plying on Bandarban-Thanchi upazila road. In that case, even if time is wasted, the cost will be reduced.

Where to stay:

Bandarban has numerous resorts, hotels, motels and rest houses. Where you can spend the night for 600 to 3 thousand taka. From which you can rent or you can visit nilgiri with your  family in your own car. There are also accommodation facilities at Nilgiri Resort. In that case, the reference of an officer of the army level will be required. Because there is no time to take any booking without reference in Nilgiri resort. The others are-

Holiday Inn Resort: Holiday Inn Resort on a small hilltop opposite the Meghla Tourist Complex. There are many small cottages here. Phone-0361-62896.

Hillside Resort: Milnachhari is located at a place named 5 km in Bandarban-Chimbuk road. There are well-arrangements of staying nights in a well-developed environment. Mobile-1556539022.

Hotel Four Star: Hotel Forster is located in Bandarban city. There are two types of rooms, AC and non-AC. There is a television in every room of the hotel. Phone-0361-62466.

Hotel Three Star: Hotel Three Star is located in Bandarban municipal town. There is a good arrangement for the family to spend the night here. However, flats are rented here, not rooms. Each flat can accommodate from 8 to 15 people. There is also a system to cook and eat by yourself. Mobile-01813278731.

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