Nilachal – Bandarban

Nilachal Bandarban district is one of the most beautiful tourist centers and places of interest in Bangladesh. The Nilachal Tourism Complex has been built here under the supervision of Bandarban District Administration to enjoy the natural beauty of Nilachal more closely.

Nilachal is known as Bengal-Darjeeling by tourists as it touches the clouds in the three seasons of monsoon, autumn and late autumn.

Apart from this, one can see the city of Bandarban and the river Sangu flowing by. A new resort has recently been added to this picturesque tourist center developed by the Bandarban District Administration. From now on, besides visiting here, tourists will get the opportunity to spend the night.

A few new places have recently been created in Nilachal for tourists. From the ‘hanging sapphire’ next to the ticket house here, a few more restrooms have been built gradually downwards. Notable among these are the ‘Niharika’ and ‘Valentine’ points.

These places are arranged on the slopes of the hills. One is completely different from the other. The view of the hill in front is also different from one place to another. However, the beauty of the original Nilachal is much more. The beauty of the mountains can be better enjoyed from here.

At the very top of the Nilachal tourist center there are several observation centers for tourists. These centers have been built around the top of the main hill of Nilachal in a beautiful installation style. One is completely different from the other. And the view of the mountains is different from each side. Clouds play here during monsoons and after monsoons. After a while, a cloud raft floats from the distant hill to the top of Nilachal. Cover it with a cool soft cloth.

You have to pay a road toll to go to Nilachal. Auto rickshaw 30 taka, jeep 60 taka. The entrance fee to the tourist complex is 30 taka per person. Tourists can stay in Nilachal from morning till sunset.

An additional attraction in Nilachal is the resort here. Name Nilachal Scape Resort. Common tourists are allowed in this place till sunset. However, this place is always open for the guests of the resort.

The Nilachal Scape Resort has six rooms in three cottages. The rent of each room is 3 thousand taka. The authorities also provide good quality food for the guests of the resort. Contact mobile number 0177775789.

How to get there

Bandarban can be reached directly by road from the capital. Shyamli Paribahan, St. Martin Paribahan and BRTC’s AC buses run from Fakirapul, Kamalapur and Saidabad in Dhaka. Rent from 1 thousand to 1 thousand 200 taka.

Apart from these, non-AC buses of Shyamli Paribahan, Saint Martin, Saudia Paribahan, S Alam Paribahan and Unique Service also go to Bandarban. The rent is 600 to 700 taka.

Besides, Bandarban can be easily reached from the port city of Chittagong by road, rail or air. Eastern, Purbani Paribahan buses ply from Bahaddarhat area of ​​Chittagong from morning till evening. Rent 60 to 70 taka.

Auto rickshaws, moon cars (open jeeps) and jeeps are available for rent from Bandarban to Nilachal. The required vehicle has to be rented according to the size of the team.

Depending on the location, auto rickshaws will cost from Tk 500 to Tk 1,000 to reach Nilachal. The rent for the moon car or jeep will be 1,200 to 3,000 taka.

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Updated: June 19, 2023

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