Nikoli Haor – Kishoregang

River and haor surrounded Nikoli upazila is 26 Kilometer far from Kishoregang district. Here is join Rodha River, Shoajoni, Noroshonda, Dhono gorautra haur’a water and after now it looks like sea.

7 kilometer shackle dam from Kusha to Mohorkona, Defiance dam from Kamalpur to Dampara, Shoijoni and Noroshoda River Bridge are most attractive place of here. In rani season some village which located in the middle of the fields its looks like island. Lot of tourist from different area of Bangladesh are come to visit and enjoy the beauty of Haor. Especially at holiday nikoli haor become more stressing. Lot of tourist comes here every day using car, taxi, bike and boat to see haor, river and other attractive area.

After hearing the sound of water and air everyone are flying in dream and their mind also be fresh after see open sky.

The real scenery of Bangladesh at rainy season which we imaging in our mind, you will find all of them in this area. Here you will see different kind of traditional and attractive boat at here like Ural Phonki, sail boat and fishing boat. Sail boat ride will give you so much enjoy.

In winter season you will also be astonish after seeing the fields of mustered flower which will give you feeling of yellow kingdom.

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Updated: April 28, 2017

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