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Nijhum Dwip is a small piece of land in the Bay of Bengal southwest of Hatia Upazila in Noakhali. Ballar Char, Kamlar Char, Char Osman and Char Muri, the four main islands and a number of smaller chars, formed the archipelago in the early 1950’s. Its area is about 14,050 acres. The island was first discovered by local fishermen. They named it Baluar Char, which was later transformed into Ballar Char.

However, some say that the ancient name of the island is Char Osman. A man named Osman was the first to live on the island with a group of buffaloes. The island is called Nijhum Dwip because it is completely silent.

Nijhum Island is a small island in Bangladesh. Nijhum Island in Hatia upazila of Noakhali district. Although it is called an ‘island’, it is basically a ‘char’. The former name of Nijhum Island was Char-Osman. A Bathanian named Osman first settled on Nijhum Island with his buffalo herd. It was then named after him. Later, Hatiyar MP Amirul Islam Kalam changed the name to Nijhum Island.

Mainly Ballarchar, Char Osman, Kamlar Char and Chur Muri – these four chars combine to form Nijhum Island. The island of about 14,050 acres was awakened around 1950 AD. There were no settlements until 1970, so the island was quiet.

The forest department of Bangladesh started its activities in the 70’s. At first four pairs of deer were released experimentally. Nijhum Island is now a deer sanctuary. According to the 1996 deer census, the number of deer was 22,000. Nijhum Island, surrounded by salt water, is a sanctuary of Keora trees. Among the mangrove forests, Nijhum Island is claimed by many to be the second largest mangrove forest in Bangladesh after the Sundarbans.

Apart from deer and buffalo, there are no other wild animals on Nijhum Island. The number of deer is about 22,000 (Background 1996). There are about 35 species of birds on Nijhum Island. Nijhum Island also becomes a sanctuary for many species of guest birds during the winter season.

Huge area of ​​sedimentary char on Nijhum Island. Drowning in tidal water and sniffing at low tide. These places are home to different species of birds. Their only food is the various species of fish that live in tidal waters. Nijhum Island is famous for hilsa during the monsoon season. At this time wholesalers from different parts of Bangladesh including Dhaka come to Nijhum Island to buy fish. Nijhum Island is also famous for chewing fish in winter or after winter season. Fishermen make dried fish from this fish. There are Keora trees on Nijhum Island. Lately, the forest department is also planting some salt marshes. There are also about 43 species of shrubs and 21 species of other trees.

Where will you stay?

For tourists to stay on Nijhum island, abakash tourism built nijhum resort and Namar Bazar Mosque Authority has built Masjid Boarding.

Nijhum Resort: This resort has 9 double and triple bed rooms and 3 dormitories with a total of 22 beds. The entire Nijhum resort accommodates more than 60 people. The Nijhum Resort Authority has its own generator for round-the-clock electricity.

Resort Room Rent: 2 bed (1 bathroom) deluxe room rent 1 thousand taka. The rent of a 6 bed family room (1 four bedroom and the other 2 bedroom and 2 bathrooms) rent is 2 thousand taka. Rent of a 12 bed dormitory (3 bathrooms) is 2400 taka and rent of 5 bed dormitory (2 bathrooms) is 1200 taka. If there is an extra person in the room, you have to pay 100 taka per person.

To book Nijhum Resort: –

Communication in Dhaka –   Abakash Tourism Limited, Alhaj Shamsuddin Mansion (9th Floor), 17 New Eskaton Road, Dhaka. Phone: 8358485, 9342351, 9359230, 01552372269.

Contact at Nijhum Resort: Incharge, Nijhum Resort, Hatia, Noakhali. Phone: 01724-14564.

How to go:

From Mohakhali, Kamalapur and Sayedabad in Dhaka, buses of Asia Line, Asia Classic, Ekushey Express and Himachal Express go to Sonapur in Noakhali. Rent 350-450 taka. From there on CNG to Chairman Ghat. Rent 100 taka. Then you have to get on the trawler to Nalchira Ghat. Rent 150 taka. From there again by bus to Jahajmara Bazar. Rent 70 taka. Muktara Ghat on a motorcycle from Jahazmara Bazaar. Rent 70 taka.

From Muktara Ghat to Nijhum Island Ghat by engine boat. Rent 10 rupees. From there you have to go to Namara Bazar (Nijhum Island) by motorcycle again. Rent 60 taka. However, over time, that is likely to change. So at the beginning of the journey, get on the vehicle knowing the fare from the transport concerned.

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