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New Zealand Para!!! The name is a bit unfamiliar, isn’t it? We have heard at various times that there are villages called “Bangladesh” in several countries, including Kashmir in India. After hearing these names, everyone should think that maybe most of the citizens of this country live in this village or area.

Strange as it may sound, there is really no reason behind the name New Zealand Para, 1.5 km south of Khagrachari in Bangladesh, next to Pankhaniya Para. Not only that, the road from Pankhaiya Para to the village of Upper Perachara is the New Zealand road.

The horizon on both sides of the road is a pair of green fields, the only flat land in Khagrachari. The combination of vast green fields and distant hills has created an aesthetic beauty here. And this is why the place has attracted the attention of tourists separately. The New Zealand town consists mainly of Pankhaiya Para and some parts of Perachora. It is as if a piece of the Australian continent, New Zealand, has taken its place in the heart of Bengal.

It is said that many years ago, a mountain gentleman, while walking through this area, said that the wind here is like New Zealand and since then  the name of the area has become newzealand para .

In the middle of the city, it is still not a city of bricks and stones. This area is an impeccable form of impeccably beautiful nature. Just green and green in sight. Somewhere there are green paddy fields, some areas are completely bare, some houses are far away, there are rows of high hills in the distance. Such a wonderful scene can be seen in the New Zealand Para. The gentle breeze of the late afternoon will make you strong in an instant.

The dark green hills in nature, the fountain sound in the distance, the blue sky above, the occasional white clouds, the aura of the setting red sun at dusk all blend together and give birth to an unearthly beauty. Here you can enjoy a wonderful afternoon. This green soft look all around will fascinate you. The horizon, the green fields, the mountains, the blue sky and the combination of clouds will draw colorful magic touches in your mind.

The reddish muddy water of the Chengi River, which flows in a spiral way through the town of Khagrachari, merges with the Karnafuli River. Sometimes the diverse lifestyle of the ethnographic people, somewhere the green-wrapped zoom farm – has brought a different dimension to the beauty here. So if you visit Khagrachari, you must visit the famous New Zealand para of Bengal.

How to get to NewZealand Para?

From Dhaka you can go to Khagrachari by taking buses named St. Martin, Shyamoli, Hanif, Shanti Paribahan and others. The rent will be 470 to 520 taka. You can also take a BRTC transport bus to Khagrachari.

Then you can go to a NewZealand para  by CNG or auto from Khagrachari city, the fare will be around 10 taka. So if you plan a trip to Sajek, you can come back from New Zealand in a short time.

Where to stay:

Khagrachari has hotels of various standards including tourist motels.

  • Tourist Motel: All the rooms of the motel have 2 beds. Rent: AC 2100 taka, non-AC 1300 taka. AC Suite Room 3100 taka. Contact: 0371-6208485.
  • Hotel Echo Chhari Inn: This is a resort type hotel. Contact: 0371-62625, 3743225
  • Hotel Shail Suburno: 0371-61436, 01190776812
  • Hotel Jerin : 0371-61071
  • Hotel lobbyot : 0371-61220, 01556575746, 01199244730

Hotel shilpi : 0371-61795 etc.

If you have more information or any correction in this information please comment here.

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Updated: October 6, 2021

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