Neverland – Dhaka

Neverland (Neverland – The Urban Escape) is the name of a beautiful shooting and picnic spot. Neverland has been set up on 12 acres of land in the Chaturbari area of Mirpur-1 Ashulia-Baribud road in Dhaka.

There is also a guest house and restaurant. Chinese-Cuisine is available at Neverland Restaurant. When someone orders a meal, the food distributor comes to the table.

There is a three-way riverbed with toys for children and river travel for all. There is also a chair-table arrangement.

The Neverland is an entertainment hub in the capital city of Dhaka, free of charge, to spend time with friends or family in the open air along the river. Sitting in the gentle shade of the river’s humble breeze and huge trees, you can travel to Neverland to spend time.

There is no fee to enter the spectacular Neverland Shooting / Picnic spot.

Location of Neverland –

Neverland – The Urban Escape is adjacent to Tamanna World Family Park in Chaturbari area on Ashulia Baribandhan road.

Contact the authority for more details. Mobile number – 01684095689 or 01676664979

How to go Neverland –

One can take the bus stand or the mazar road at Mirpur to go to Neverland on a rickshaw. The rickshaws are very enjoyable when the rickshaw moves along the barricaded road towards the park.

Self-driving car is 5 minutes away from Gabtuli bus stand. You can also go to Laguna if you want.

In the afternoon, many people from the surrounding area came around the barricade. Public meetings are relatively high on weekly and public holidays.

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Updated: November 3, 2019

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