Nazrul Square – Chittagong

DC Hill is one of the most beautiful places in Chittagong city which is now officially known as Nazrul Square. The official residence of the Chittagong District Commissioner (DC) is located at the top of this hill. There are many tall trees around the hill. . DC Hill has gained historical significance by celebrating Pohela Boishakh, the national festival of Bengalis, here every year on the Bengali New Year. It also hosts national and cultural days, plays, open film screenings and other cultural events.

At the beginning of British rule, the Chakma king’s house was here. Later, the bungalow of the District Commissioner (DC) of Chittagong was established here and over time, this hill became widely known as DC Hill. Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam used to come here often to retire during his lifetime. To commemorate the arrival of the national poet, DC Hill was renamed Nazrul Square on April 10, 2005. The New Year has been celebrated here on the first day of Boishakh since the late 1970s. Although the first Baishakh was celebrated at the foot of the Ispahani hills, before the festival was shifted to DC Hill Park in 1978. Wahidul Haque, Nirmal Mitra, Mihir Nandi, Arun Das Gupta were involved in the 1978 initiative. Abul Momen Subhash De Pramukh. At first, a squad of two was formed from each organization. That squad used to perform combined music. Since 1980, the organizations have started performing songs separately. Later, after the group theater coordination council was added, dramas were also added to the program.

How to go

DC Hill is located on the road to Nandankanan Buddhist Temple in Chittagong city. It is located 1 km away from Zero Point, the center of Chittagong city.


DC Hill is located on the road to Nandankanan Buddhist Temple in Chittagong city.




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