Nandan Park – Dhaka

Nandan Park is located in the Baripara area between Chandra and BKSP near Dhaka. Built on 5 acres of green land, this beautiful park is built in the UK with the help of technology and design by the Nico Park Resort of India and the expatriate Bangladeshi.

There are four food courts for food. There are also lockers and dressing rooms.

Nandan Park is arranged with a variety of exotic rides. The list of modern and interesting rides includes water coasters, caterpillars, Iceland, paddle boats, rippling, moon racers, rock climbering, web pools, zip slides, cable cars, bumper cars, net-a-balls, soft ball cannons, etc.

There are a total of 25 rides in Themes, Kids and Water World. Among of them eight rides in the water world. There are cave trains, fly go rounds, mini crawlers rides for children. The first 5D cinema theater in the country and the modern 360 degree virtual movie theater were opened here.

Entry fee of Nandan Park

  • The price of entry here is divided into three ways. Entry price to Nandan Park is 90 taka.
  • Entry price to the park and use of all water world rides is Tk 250.
  • Except for the use of Water World Ride, enter the park with a height of over 120 cm and all rides are Tk 150.
  • Under 150 cm in height can enter the park and all rides are paid at Tk.200.
  • Those below 5 cm are not required to pay any fee.

There are also ticket counters for every ride inside the park. Anyone wishing to enter the park only after entering the price will be able to deduct the tickets on the rides. The fees for rides are limited to 10 to 30 Tk.

Nandan Park Open and close schedules

  • Open from 9am to 5pm, Saturday to Thursday.
  • Open only from 9am to 4pm on Friday.

Phone, call: 01755-646806, 01755-646809, 01755-646828 for contact, booking and other information.

Web site:

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Updated: November 3, 2019

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