Nafakhum Falls – Bandarban

Nafakhum Waterfall is located in the Marma area of ​​Remakri union in Thanchi upazila of Bandarban district. In terms of water flow, it is considered as one of the largest waterfalls in Bangladesh. Some call it the Niagara of Bengal.

In the Marma language, the word khum means waterfall. The water of Remakri canal flows down the rocky path and creates this wonderful waterfall. Nafakhum is a beautiful dreamy place amidst lush green forests and rocky lands. You can’t believe that there are so many beautiful places in our country.

To see Nafakhum, one has to go to Remakri by boat from Thanchi Bazar on the river Sangu. After a while the river slopes down to 1-2 feet or even 4/5 feet somewhere. It is unthinkable that nature could be so beautiful and pure here. High hills on both sides of the river. Every mountain wrapped in green seems to be lying in the lap of the clouds. Some mountains are so high that their tops are covered with clouds. That scene is amazing. Surrounded by greenery, one or two tribal dwelling houses are suddenly seen.

It is a three-hour walk from Remakri to the amazingly beautiful waterfall called Nafakhum. The water of the Remakri canal came to Nafakhum and fell down about 25-30 feet and nature gave birth to this waterfall. Rainbows are constantly playing here in the sunlight in the water vapor that comes down at a fast speed. A thousand colors of light shine in the sky. Behind the clouds, when the sun smiles, the sparkle of light spreads all over the hill. The water of the river  flows with beautiful sound. The beauty of that terrible river is even more terrible.

It is difficult to believe that this country has such a beautiful place. Looking at the mountains, rivers and rocky canals, it will feel as if I am walking in the pages of a picture. Extraordinarily beautiful, unbearably beautiful. The sound of gurgling water is heard all around. The size of the fountain is large during the rainy season. And in winter it becomes weak. However, the real beauty of Nafakhum can be seen in September-October. The water rushing from above created thick fog around the fountain. The flying water droplets float with the vapor and come to the body. That feeling is thrilling. It would not be wrong to call it Niagara of Bengal. The green hills on both sides and the rocky lands have given a different dimension to the Nafakhum spring; it has made it more attractive. The bunch of green grass strewn across the rocks has multiplied the level of beauty several times.

How to get there

There are about 10/12 transports from Dhaka to Bandarban. You will get the best service at Shyamoli Paribahan and Hanif Paribahan. There are also some bus services including St. Martin’s Service, Dolphin, Shanti, Unique, S. Alam. (Shyamli and St. Martin Transport are AC buses) and others are non-AC buses. Non AC bus fare is Tk. 620 / – per person and AC bus fare is Tk. 950 / -. There is a Bandarban bus stand. You can go to Thanchi Bazar bus stand by auto and it will take 10-20 taka per person. You have to take 1 boat from Thanchi to Remakri. Name and address should be written in the Thanchi check post. Remakri will reach the market from Thanchi via Tindu. If all goes well, it will take 4 hours. It is a three-hour walk from Remakri to the amazingly beautiful waterfall called Nafakhum.

Where to stay

If you want to stay somewhere better in Thanchi, you can stay at the BGB controlled border vacation center. Room rent is between 1500-3000 taka. There are also cottage and rest house type hotels in and around Thanchi Bazaar. According to the standard, the daily rent is between 200-1000 taka.

There is 1 rest house at Remakri Bazar. If some people stay together, the rent will be 150 taka per person. Although the rest house is not vacant, there are 20/25 houses, almost each of which has rooms for rent. If it is not empty then there is 1 school, you can keep in touch with the locals.

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Updated: June 19, 2023

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