Musapur Closure – Noakhali

Company gonj muchapura Closure, another ‘mini Cox’s Bazar’ in Bangladesh, has been formed on the small Feni river across the Bay of Bengal. Many people also know this spot as ‘Mini Cox’s Bazar’, Musapur beach. These closures are becoming well-known as one of the favorite destinations of the people of the South. Thousands of visitors flock here every day to see the tides, the natural scenery of the river, the beautiful natural environment, and the fishermen’s fish festival.

At first glance the beach would seem. After a while the illusion will disappear. You will find the atmosphere of the sea by the river. There is a beautiful view of the river, a wonderful experience of boat trips, a quiet natural environment in the morning, shepherd’s songs, the song of the fisherman, the chirping of birds, the fishermen’s fish festival, the beauty of different species of animals and birds including cows and buffaloes. And landscapes.

In the Musapur Closure area, there are 821.57 acres in the South Musapur Mouza, 861.10 acres in Charbalua (Diara) Mouza and 6.15 acres in Charbalua Mouza a total of 3282.82 acres of forest land is covered with beautiful forests.

Musapur Forest Garden is one of them. In this forest garden there are valuable species of various species of trees, including Zhao, Keora, Pitali, Khejur, Latabal, Gewa, Sonbalai, Babulnatai, Akashmani and others.

There are sanctuaries of various native species of birds including pigeons. Winter season The guest birds do not make a mistake to come here from far and wide to visit. The planned forest garden started here in 1969.

Although there is no fear of wild animals, there are different species of animals and birds including foxes, wild cats and snakes in the forest. But snakes are nocturnal. Besides, wild buffalo, cows and sheep are also seen. Walking along the narrow road that runs through this garden, if you enter a little inside, it will feel like another world. Inside the forest is a naturally formed cool shaded field.

If you want, you can take a little rest here. Next to it is a huge beach. Tourists and nature lovers can come to this Musapur Closer and enjoy the journey if they wish. Musapur Closer is a beautiful leisure center to quench the thirst of domestic and foreign travelers.

How to get there:

From Basurhat in Companiganj of Noakhali to Banglabazar. From there, cross Chowdhury Bazar, take 2 km road, cross four way intersection roads, go east to Janatha Bazar, then cross 1.5 km road to the south and go a little further to Musapur Closer. However, as there are still no security measures in place,Visitors have to come back day by day..

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Updated: June 16, 2023

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