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Muhuri Prokolpo or Muhuri Project (English: Muhuri Project Muhuri Project) is the second largest irrigation project in Bangladesh. The country’s first wind power plant is also located here. The Muhuri project is also known as the largest fisheries zone in the country. As a result, it has now developed into one of the most scenic and tourist destinations in Bangladesh.

Anyone will be fascinated by the amazing scenery of the Sonagazi Muhuri project in Feni. Once you go, the mind will run again and again in Muhuri. Here are all the variations and features that are needed to build an attractive tourist destination. People from far used to come to the Muhuri project even earlier. Thousands of camera-like scenes are regularly seen here. When the tidal water rises, small and big waves crash on the shoreline, then an amazing beauty develops in the Muhuri project. The greenery beneath the vastness of the blue sky, This is like a pastime of nature. Many boys and old men sit in rows in boats. As soon as the visitors see it, they come running with the boat like a competition. The cost of one hour boat ride to enjoy all the beauty of nature is 80 taka. More is taken individually. Adding to the excitement of the whole project is the sight of various species of fishing in the fishing boats swaying in the waves. If you look at the forests that have developed on both sides, you can easily see different species of animals. You can see the life struggle of thousands of sea-going prisoners.

Irrigation project:

Work on the Muhuri Irrigation Project started in the financial year 1977-78 and construction work on the second largest [1] irrigation project in Bangladesh was completed in the financial year 1985-86. The confluence of the Feni River, Muhuri River and Kalidas Pahalia River has created a massive 40-foot water control structure by eavesdropping Muhuri Irrigation Project was constructed in Feni District Feni Sadar, Chhagalnaiya, Parashuram, Fulgazi, Sonagazi and some parts of Mirsarai Upazila of Chittagong District to reduce the incidence of floods during monsoon season and to provide additional irrigation facilities to Aman crops. The irrigation project was constructed by the Japanese Simuzu Company at a cost of Taka 168 crore with the financial assistance of SIDA, EEC and World Bank. As a result, 20,194 hectares are covered by irrigation facilities and 27,125 hectares by supplementary irrigation facilities.

Wind Power Project:

The Bangladesh Power Development Board (PDB) decided to set up four 225 kW wind power plants in the country at a cost of about Tk 7 crore in the financial year 2004-05. The site of the project was selected at Lamchi village of Khoaj, about 500 yards away from Feni Regulator (known as Muhuri Irrigation Project) built on Feni river in Sonagazi upazila. The river Feni joins the Bay of Bengal by the side of the project area. To the south is a vast field and green belt of the forest department. The project was signed in 2004 with Nevula Techno Solutions Limited of India. The project is funded by the power development board.

Experimental power generation started in mid-2006 and the power plant was shut down on various pretexts after a short hiatus in the 2006-2007 financial year.


Fisheries Zone

At present, the Muhuri project area has become known as the largest fisheries zone in the country due to the revolution in fish farming. Many reputed companies of the country have set up commercial fisheries projects here. There are two thousand fisheries projects including Bashundhara Group, Meridian Group, Clifton Group, Abul Khair Company, Meher Group of Companies, Mamun Group, Satata Fish Project, Rinku Fish Project.

Tourist Center:

Entertainment and picnic spots have sprung up in the last two and a half decades around the Muhuri Irrigation Project. Thirsty people and tourists come in groups from different parts of the country during the winter season. The Muhuri Regulator, which is full of natural beauty, is surrounded by an artificial water body surrounded by embankments, forestry, fish sanctuaries, birds chirping, the bottom of both sides of the embankment is paved with stones and a neat bed of durva grass on top. Thousands of different species of ducks and thousands of birds of about 50 species can be seen at close range while navigating the Muhuri waters.



Muhuri Project or Muhuri Irrigation Project is located in Sonagazi upazila of Feni district in Bangladesh. Distance from Feni Sadar to Sonagazi Upazila is 20 km. And its distance from Sonagazi Upazila is 20 km. From Feni Sadar is 40 km in total. Some of it falls in Mirsarai upazila of Chittagong district.

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