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Nowadays Mohera Jomidar Bari one of the popular tourist place in Bangladesh. If you want to travel around Dhaka at low cost, you can go to Mohera Jomidar Bari (মহেরা জমিদার বাড়ি) in Tangail.

The Mohera Jomidar Bari is unmatched in its beauty. A magnificent sculpture stands out as a sign of the times, extending its appearance. Shadows in the laid-back countryside, birds call for a relaxed atmosphere. Domestic and foreign flower ceremonial flower garden  invites the visitor to view the beauty once and again.

Morning in the evening on the trees, the gentle, quiet noise-free environment will give you a different atmosphere. A variety of floral colors and aromas of flowers all around. Like a kingdom of flower.

It is believed that buildings were established like the city of Cordova, Spain. As a result of the evolution of time, the land became the witness of time.

The Mahera zamindars had a huge establishment. Apart from Nagar Chhawali, their commercial activities were spread in various parts of Bangladesh. For the management of the vast activities of the zamindars, the establishment of the Naib Bhavan, the Kachari Bhavan etc. was established.

The three-room Naib building is built in excellent construction style. The architectural style of the three-room Kachari building adds to the vitality. The other Gomsta building is also built in ancient architectural style. The office bearers, such as Naib , Gomsta of Zamindar, used to perform official duties in the building.

The Mahera zamindar house is mainly surrounded by four buildings. Namely, known as Maharaj Lodge, Anand Lodge, Chowdhury Lodge and Rani Bhavan (Kalicharan Lodge).

The children of the Zamindar were not the only owners of the great wealth. They had a huge heart. In view of the welfare of the people of the area, they built schools, temples and various institutions.

Mahera Anand High School was established in the name of Zamindar Anand Kumar Roy Chowdhury at 1890. Gopinath Geo’s Vigrah Temple was founded by zamindars. A little north of the temple was Adinibas. On the north side of the zamindar building is the Shree Shri Shamshan Kali Temple, established by them.

A huge Lake (Sagar/Dhigi) is located on the south side of the zamindar building. From here, once the people of the area used to collect potable water. Behind the Mohera Jomidar Bari there are two large ponds called Pasara Pond and Rani Pond which were for their own use. Zamindars dig wells in villages to meet the scarcity of water. About a kilometer from Mahera, a huge Shri Shri Shmashan Kali founded the temple of the mother of Shiva.

On the south side, adjacent to the Lake, there is a huge Mango Garden. Indigenous species of mango trees are decorating with foliage, lame, gopalgava. Except for Mango Garden, about 5 acres of present PTC land is spread over various cultivars. Among these are fruits and medicinal plants of mango, jackfruit, coconut, papaya, olives, green leaf, etc. The huge fruit trees bloom and, as a result, keep the premises in bloom all year long. Flowers of different species attract the visitors around the year.

During the winter, thousands of celebrities flock to the butterfly fair in unknown flowers. A great location for top photographers. There are some fascinating rocks for visitors and a magnificent zoo of fish, birds, animals. Also in the lake is one of the attractions for navigation. Modern architecture martyr minarets will stun you for a short while.

Let’s visit the House of Mahera Zamindar to see the fair of thousands of flowers. The landscaped house of the Zamindar runs almost every day picnics and shooting of various plays or pictures. For the sake of management, the wishes of entering here are only 20 Tk. Renting a picnic or shooting spot is worth discussing. And there are low cost canteen facilities for food and drinks. When ordering in advance, any food is served according to your menu of choice. So it’s not too late, let’s come today.

If you want to take a full moon bath or dinner at your landlord’s house / Mohera Jomidar Bari, there is an AC / Non AC Dock Bungalow. In the morning and afternoon you will see men and women police field training exercises.

If you would like to stay the night (Tk 3000) please contact in advance (open to the general public) and enjoy the police presence – 01769691139 Rajibul Hasan, Senior Assistant Police Superintendent Mahera Tangail.  01712922597 Liaquat Hossain, Assistant Deputy Inspector Mahera Tangail.

How to go Mohera Jomidar Bari?

On the bus from Dhaka to Tangail (rent 150), the Netiapara bus stop took place on the waiting CNG BabyTaxi Yoga (rent 75 Taka, 15 Taka per share), 3 km east of the house of the Mahera zamindar. On the highway there is a direction board (huge signboard) called Police Training Center, Mahera, Tangail. And those who come from North Bengal can cross the Tangail on any Dhaka bus and go to Natiyapara busstand after 17 km.

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